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The online application process for September 2019 entry has now closed. In a small number of individual cases late applications, due to extenuating circumstances, are accepted - Please contact the College Admissions Office if you wish to discuss the matter further.  


Student Finance - Further details regarding student finance can be found here 


 Late August

The aim of Enrolment is to ensure each individual student is placed on a programme of study that meets their individual needs and aspirations. Making the right course choices will enable you to progress successfully onto the next stage of your life and realise your career aims and goals.

The Enrolment Process

There are essentially 2 parts to enrolment:

Part 1

Placing students on courses for which they have the right qualifications whilst taking account of their future career goals and aspirations.

To do this:

  • You will need to attend your enrolment interview at the time indicated on the letter issued at Induction. If you have mislaid the letter, please contact the Admissions department to confirm the date and time of your appointment. You should expect to be in College for approximately 2 hours to complete this part of the enrolment process.
  • The College is required to carry out an identity check to confirm that you meet the Government’s eligibility criteria to be a student at College – Please remember to bring either your passport, birth certificate or driving licence to your interview appointment.
  • Your tutor will discuss your course choices, taking into account your examination results and career aims.
  • The College will need to check your GCSE results and other qualifications before enrolling you on to any courses – you need to bring a copy of your results which will be kept by College (including proof of Year 9/10 qualifications and GCSEs).
  • You may need to speak to other members of staff for advice and guidance about your course choices and your programme of study at College.

Part 2

The completion of paperwork - The Enrolment Form.

  • The College needs to collect information about you:
    • Some of this will be personal information - enabling us to keep you safe at College e.g. parents and GP/Doctor’s contact details.
    • Other information has to be collected and submitted, by the College, to Government agencies for funding and examination purposes. We need your help in providing this information as missing or incomplete information can cause difficulties with examination entries, publication of results and applications to Universities, other colleges and for employment.
  • An Enrolment Information Sheet  was attached to your enrolment appointment letter (which also outlines what to bring to your interview). If you have mislaid the information sheet, please print another copy (see link below) and, with the help of your parents, complete the form and bring it to your enrolment appointment.

The GDPR and DPA outline the legal requirements which College has to follow in order collect and process data on students and parents/carers. Please read the relevant Privacy Notices for full details.

Enrolment Information Sheet can be found here 


The online application for September 2019 entry has now closed. In a small number of individual cases late applications, due to extenuating circumstances, are accepted - Please contact the College Admissions Office if you wish to discuss the matter further.

Exam Results

The Sixth Form College is celebrating another year of outstanding exam success for students.


We offer over 50 A Level courses - probably the largest range of options available in any college in the country. Options include familiar subjects but also many that are not usually available at GCSE. A number of Additional Studies courses are also available.


The GDPR and DPA outline the legal requirements which the College has to follow in order to collect and process data on staff, students and their parents/guardians. Copies of policies and statements (such as Privacy Notices) can be viewed by all interested parties.

Your Care

We aim to be a college of sanctuary, a place where everyone feels welcome, safe and supported throughout their studies. We all have difficulties and face challenges in our lives at times and any one of us may find we need to seek help or support. There are a number of ways students can find help. The first port of call should be their personal tutor, but we have a range of places where students can find the support they may need.

Your Progression

The Careers Department has a specialist team of staff and many resources to help you to make decisions about your future. Resources are used in the weekly tutorial programme and special events are planned throughout the year to ensure you make informed choices about your future. You may also book careers appointments regarding advice and guidance, on a one-to-one basis, at any time.

Additional Studies

The College is a vibrant young adult community and there is a great deal going on. A very wide-ranging programme of Additional Studies and extra-curricular activities is available, providing a large number of sporting, creative and cultural opportunities to all students.

College Facilities

At the Sixth Form College, we teach all of our courses in specialist sixth form accommodation on one purpose-built site, located in a very accessible central area of Colchester. There are seven separate buildings, all specifically focused upon the academic teaching, learning and wider experiences appropriate for 16-19 year olds.


The 2020 edition of our Prospectus is available for immediate download from our online library of key documents for viewing or printing. Printed copies of our Prospectus are also available upon request.


News stories covering the educational, sporting, cultural and charitable activities and achievements of the students at the College. This includes details of ongoing projects to improve our environmental and sustainable position via a variety of tasks and initiatives.


Downloadable documents for parents and students, including the Students Handbook Charter and Diary, Additional Studies Handbook, Prospectus, the 2018 Ofsted Inspection Report, Student Leavers' Notes, Parents' Handbook, occasional Students' Notes, and more.

For Parents

Information and guidance useful to parents/guardians of students currently enrolled at the Sixth Form College, as well as those of students considering making an application, including information regarding transport, student finance and important dates. Updated regularly.