GCSE Courses (or equivalent - Level 2 Certificate)

Our Advanced Foundation Programme offers the chance to complete a range of GCSE, or equivalent, courses in one year. Some of these courses may be GCSE ‘retakes’ in familiar subject areas such as GCSE Maths or English, whereas others offer the opportunity to study a subject with a BTEC (First level 2) qualification framework e.g. Science, or study new GCSE or BTEC subjects such as Citizenship or Business.
The core GCSE courses (GCSE English Language, English Literature and Maths) are largely targeted at getting those students who achieved GCSE grade 3’s at school to grade 4’s, but we also see the AFP course as an opportunity and a chance to progress on a wider level in a new and more adult environment.
For some students it’s a chance to rediscover their confidence and gives them the motivation to achieve their potential, leaving behind whatever happened first time around. For others it may offer the opportunity to improve their GCSE profile if factors such as illness or relocation have disrupted progress, before moving onto further study at A Level and beyond. Students come to AFP along a variety of different routes: some are offered a place at interview, long before they enrol, whereas others will transfer from an A Level if their GCSE results do not fulfil initial expectations, but it's important to note that this transfer route is not automatically open to all A-Level applicants.
All AFP students are taught by subject specialist drawn from the A Level Teaching teams, using the full range of college facilities. They are taught within a close, supportive community, with plenty of access to support for their learning. AFP students are also able to take advantage of other features of the college such as our extensive additional studies programme.