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  A Level is a nationally recognised and well-respected two year Sixth Form qualification, providing students with a route through to university or employment. At the Sixth Form College, a wide range of A Level choices allows students to develop a programme and timetable which best suits their needs, interests and aspirations, without timetable or ‘blocking’ or ‘clash’ restrictions. Most students will study 3 A Levels for two academic years – but some will study 4 courses. All A Level classes are taught on the college site and students will have classes on each weekday, with classes for each subject on 4 of the 5 days.

Please note that A Level programmes will also have a broadly equivalent amount of ‘independent study’ time required outside of classes each week – an approximate average of 15 to 17 hours per week, in total, of independent study time is required within this framework. The amount of independent study time for each individual course will vary but, in general, 5 hours per week for each A Level is typical.