Student Finance Information

Moving from school to college often involves a change in financial costs; as you enrol at the college you will have to consider the following:


The majority of our students travel to college on public transport. Please see the student travel Information page for more details.

For a number of students, financial awards are available that can cover, or make a significant contribution towards, the cost of travel. Please see the "Financial Awards" box elsewhere on this page for further details.


Many payments in college are now made via the wisepay system. This enables the student to use their student card to pay for food onsite, as well as make other payments such as their locker key deposit or learning resource contribution (see downloadable document at the foot of this page for further details).


For a number of students, financial awards are available that can cover, or make a significant contribution towards, the cost of food purchased at college. Please see the "Financial Assistance" box elsewhere on this page for further details.

Please note that both of our refectories are now 'card only'; it is not possible to use cash. Students can use the normal range of bank debit cards, or parents can add funds to the student WisePay card, which can then ONLY be used in the college refectories. For details regarding WisePay please see the box elsewhere on this page.

Financial Assistance 

The college operates a bursary scheme (funded by the government) to support students from families on low income receiving a means tested benefit, and with earnings below a certain threshold.  This financial support can be provided for eligible students for the costs of participation in college, eg travel, food and equipment. (It is worth noting that, even if families do not precisely fit the criteria identified by the government, it is often possible for the college to help in other ways, so please do make a bursary application if you may require support)

A link to the bursary application form for 24/25.  

Please note that a higher level bursary is also available for those students who are living independently, in care or care leavers.  Ideally, new students should submit their form along with supporting evidence by 4th August 2024, in order to ensure that arrangements are in place at the start of term.

A link to the higher bursary application form for 24/25. 

Learning Resource Contribution

At enrolment, students are asked to make a one-off contribution of £65 to cover I.T. and other learning resources, accident insurance and a contribution to the college fund. This contribution is made via the WisePay system detailed elsewhere on this page.


These are allocated on a first come first served basis. We try to accommodate all students that request a locker, but it is not always possible. There is a charge of £10 which covers all the years students are at college. Arrangements regarding lockers are made during the enrolment process

Claiming Child Benefit 

Parents can continue to claim Child Benefit whilst students attend college. If you have not already done so, you can contact HMRC to report that you are continuing your studies by going to the government child benefit webpage.

  • Child Benefit Helpline 0300 200 3100
  • 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm Saturday.
  • Text phone 0300 200 3103
  • Outside UK +44 2890 538 192

Childcare Support

Some students may have dependent children and be eligible for financial support towards their childcare. If this is your situation, please look at the government Care to Learn Scheme.

If you have any queries, please email

Student Financial Support Policy

The College receives Government criteria and funding to enable students who are aged 16-19 years to continue in full-time education, who might otherwise be financially disadvantaged. Please find our Student Financial Support Policy here.

Student Finance Downloadable Documents

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