Outstanding AS and A Level Results

Students at The Sixth Form College, Colchester have achieved excellent A and AS level results in this summer’s examination series, with levels above national average.

The year group of approximately 1300 upper sixth students, who sat their A levels at the College this summer, achieved a subject A to E grade pass rate of over 98% and an A* - B ‘very high grade’ rate of close to 50%. Over 90% of all the 18 year old students at the College have achieved 3 or more A level qualifications or equivalent in their sixth form studies – a level of achievement which is, once again, very significantly (approx. 15%) above the national average level for all national sixth forms at schools and colleges. The cohort of students at the College have also achieved a strong ‘value-added’ scores i.e. when their overall package of A and AS level results achieved by the end of their Sixth Form Studies are related to the package of GCSE results they achieved at age 16.

100% pass rates were achieved in 24 A level subjects including in the subject areas of: French, German, Italian, History of Art, Law, Music, Philosophy, Photography, and Spanish. The average score of the College’s top 100 upper sixth students is equivalent to grades A* A* A at A level and these ‘top end’ results, it is understood, will for the twentieth consecutive year, these will exceed the results of the top 100 student achievers in nearly all of the selective grammar or independent schools in the country.

In July, the group of upper sixth students who studied for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma heard that they had been awarded really outstanding IB results (an average of 33 points – which is approx. 15% higher than the international average). Maddie Bishop from Colchester, previously a student at Colchester County High School, achieved the maximum total of 45 points – only a fraction of 1% of IB students across the world achieve this amazing score. Maddie will now study a degree in English Literature at Kings College, Cambridge.

The overall A, AS and IB results achieved by the cohort of students this year are therefore, described by Ian MacNaughton, the College Principal as “Really fantastic, our students’ achievements are really excellent and they must be very warmly congratulated”.

Well over 1000 of the upper sixth students from The Sixth Form College have now obtained the necessary qualifications to be able to proceed onto university degree courses including approximately 400 students who have now achieved the grades required for offers for places on prestige degree courses including, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Engineering, Maths, Economics, Architecture, Law, English and History, or have achieved places at Oxford or Cambridge or Russell Group Universities or Medical Schools or for other highly competitive universities or degree courses.

Pictured are: (L-R)
Rebecca White from Coggeshall, previously a student at Honywood Community Science School, who achieved straight A* grades in A level Economics, Geography and Spanish and will now study for a degree in Economics and Spanish the University of Leeds.

Amy Partridge from Braintree, previously a student at Friend’s School, who achieved A* grades in A level Mathematics, French and Extended Project Qualification and an A grade in German. Amy will now study a degree in Modern Foreign Languages at UCL.

Rachael Perkins from Braintree, previously a student at Tabor Academy, achieved 3 A* grades in A level English Literature, Geography and World Development and an A grade in History and Rachael will now study for a degree in Geography at the University of Cambridge.

Also, amongst the very high achievers are:

Abbie Watson from Colchester, previously a student at The Gilberd, who achieved straight A* grades in A level Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry and also top grades in AS levels in Further Maths and Science in Society. Abbie will now study for a degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College.

Kate Frost from Colchester, previously a student at Philip Morant School, achieved 5 grades at A* and A in A level Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Resistant Materials and in an Extended Project Qualification. Kate will now study for a degree in Mathematics at Durham.

James Kelly from Witham, previously a student at Gosfield School achieved straight A* grades in A level Biology, Chemistry and Economics and will now progress to study Medicine at UEA Medical School.

Daniel Lynes from Coggeshall, previously a student at Honywood Community Science School, also achieved straight A* grades in A level Biology, Geology and Environmental Studies. Daniel will now study for a degree in Zoology at the University of Bristol.

International Baccalaureate Success for Sixth Form Students

By Karen Burns, (IB Co-ordinator) July 2016

The Sixth Form College is celebrating another year of outstanding exam success for the group of International Baccalaureate students.

We are really proud of the students' successes. As a group, they have achieved a very impressive achievement level of an average of 33 points – which is positive ‘value-added’ in that this figure exceeds the predicted grades that are calculated from their GCSE scores. The IB is a global qualification, taken by students all over the world and, in this context, the achievements of our students compares extremely well to the international average of 29 points.

College Principal Ian MacNaughton congratulated the students and said : "The students have proved, yet again, that the International Baccalaureate course is an excellent all round sixth form education and also an excellent route into some of the most prestigious establishments in the country. We are very proud of their success. It's very pleasing to see students using the course as a springboard to further success in a wide range of university and employment opportunities.

Madeleine Bishop

One student, Madeleine Bishop achieved the maximum possible score of 45 points – a truly remarkable achievement. Across the global entry just 0.2% of all IB students awarded the Diploma achieve this score. Maddy has now achieved her place to study a degree in English at Kings College, University of Cambridge. Madeleine was recently nominated for a Colchester Youth award as a true "all-rounder". In every subject her tutors have struggled to give her enough praise. In addition to her academic programme, she also found time to chair the College Cultural Committee, organising events such as Chinese New Year celebrations and an Arts and Culture festival, to volunteer in a local bookshop and to contribute to the College Magazine. She also completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. Madeleine is an outstanding student who fizzes with energy and ideas and, best of all, has a balanced view of life. – Karen Burns, International Baccalaureate Co-ordinator.

Photo: L-R
Eleanor Dangerfield Achieved a very impressive 32 points and will now study Ecology and Wildlife Conservation at Kent or Bournemouth
Marni Andrews Will study Psychology at St Andrews having achieved an excellent 39 points
Jordyn Levy Heading to Newcastle to study Modern Languages, having achieved an excellent 38 points
Yasmina Lees Scored an excellent 33 points, including the very highest grades in both French and Art.

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