Government Performance Tables

January 2014

We are pleased to see that the recently released Government Performance tables confirm the excellent picture of results that we reported last summer.

Our academic (A-Level and International Baccalaureate ) 18 yr old students averaged 885 points, which was 24% higher than the national average score of 786 points throughout schools, academies and colleges in the state sector. This score also exceeds the average score of 875 points achieved in independent sector (private) schools.

Within this context 94% of our academic students achieved 3 or more or equivalent (IB) passes – compared to national average of 79% in schools, colleges and academies in the state sector.

The College also had a positive academic progress (value-added) score. Indeed, the outstanding academic results at The Sixth Form College, Colchester made a significant contribution to the overall Essex Local Authority points average academic score being well above the national average.

Reunion and Awards Presentation

December 2013

Well over 1000 of our second year College students entered for A Level examinations last summer and the average results you achieved were really excellent, with average results ahead of the achievements of students at all other colleges in Essex and Suffolk and in all the Essex comprehensive schools with sixth forms. 94% of our A-level students leaving us last summer achieved 3 or more A-level qualifications – which the Government has recently told us compares to the national average for all Schools and Colleges of just 80%.

The top 100 academic achievers amongst you obtained an average UCAS point score equivalent to our 2 A*s and 2 A grades at A Level and we understand that this is a higher score than the top 100 students in any school in the country, including in all selective grammar and independent schools.

A very substantial number of last year’s leavers successfully attained the grades necessary to progress to degree courses, including large numbers progressing to some of the very most competitive degree course areas. Indeed approximately 1000 of last year’s leavers have, or will next autumn after a GAP year, progress to a wide range of exciting and challenging degree courses, or other opportunities in the UK or abroad. Others have found excellent employment or training opportunities either locally, in London and in other instances nationally or internationally. Your levels of academic achievement were really outstanding. Very well done to you".

The College is an academic institution, and your academic successes are enormously worthy of note and congratulations. But I must stress that at the College we do not view student success and achievement just through the achievements of our most able students or solely just through the achievement of top grades. Our aim is to be an inclusive college where every student is able to further their potential, develop and make progress. I know just how hard so many of you worked during the time you studied at the College - to achieve your personal goals and fulfill your own aspirations.

We value the success of every one of you. We are recognising achievements and contributions made in the fields of sport, performing and creative arts, science, technology and enterprise and we are also paying tribute to your contributions to both the College community and to the wider community in the area - particularly where you have helped others.

We are very proud that you as a group made a fantastic contribution to the wider community, including putting together generous Christmas hampers for the needy, raising money on a weekly basis for the Good Foundation, organising Christmas pantomime trips for underprivileged children, Charity theme days throughout the year which helped raise funds for local, national and international charities, individual action to help elderly and disabled people, work to support the oppressed through Amnesty International and also in undertaking challenges in local and international community work. Your positive attitudes and contributions in helping others were quite outstanding.

A number of our students who left last year are currently involved in international community placements, including through GAP projects and some of you were last summer involved in the major community projects in India or Peru that we support on an ongoing basis while you were a student here at College. These experiences offered you considerable scope for personal development and enjoyment but they also offered a considerable amount to disadvantaged communities that you worked with.

L-R: Isobel Scott, Samuel Chumbley, Georgina De Courcy-Bower

Many of you excelled in performing arts and cultural activities in the College during the time you spent with us. Dance, music and drama flourished and there were a whole series of outstanding productions, concerts and performances over the 2 years you were with us. Excellent Visual Arts exhibitions and displays illustrated the significant student talents in these fields and many of you gained excellent practical experience in the field of media including those actively involved in production and broadcasting on the College Radio Station.

More than 300 of you represented the College in competitive sports fixtures in a wide range of different sports and over forty students represented their County or were selected for regional, national or international level competitions.

The best advertisement for the Sixth Form College has always been its students. You were and still are excellent ambassadors for the College and we are extremely proud of you.

Outstanding A Level Results

August 2013

Students at The Sixth Form College, Colchester, have achieved outstanding A and AS level results in this summer’s examination series. Levels of achievement are excellent, are ‘up’ on last year and are above national average levels.

The year group of over 1300 upper sixth students who sat their A levels this summer achieved a subject pass rate of 98% and an A* - B ‘very high grade’ rate of 50%. Nearly 95% of all the 18 year old students at the College have achieved 3 or more A level qualifications or equivalent in their sixth form studies – a level of achievement which is very significantly above the national average level for all national sixth forms at Schools and Colleges. The final overall average Government measured sixth form ‘point score’ per upper sixth student at the College will be approximately 900 ‘QCDA points’ – on average score which is equivalent to grades A*AB at A level together with a further grade C at AS level. This level of achievement is over 20% higher than the national average for all categories of school and college. The cohort of students at the College have achieved an outstanding ‘value-added’ score when their package of A level results are related to the GCSE results achieved at age 16. 100% pass rates were achieved in 25 of the A level subjects including in the subject areas of: Art and History of Art, Earth Science (Geology), Electronics, English Language and Literature, German, Italian, Music, and Spanish.

Their success builds upon the achievements of their fellow students who studied for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. In July they were awarded really outstanding IB results and the overall A, AS and IB results achieved by the cohort of students this year are described by Ian MacNaughton, the College Principal as “Really fantastic. The students’ achievements are quite outstanding and they must be very warmly congratulated”. The average Government measured point score of the College’s top 100 upper sixth students is equivalent to grades A* A* A A at A level and these ‘top end’ results, it is understood, will for the seventeenth consecutive year, exceed the results of the top 100 students in nearly all of the selective grammar or independent schools in the country.

L-R: Jamie Hooper, Heather Rodwell, Samuel Chumbley, Grace Roper

L-R: Liam Dunlop, Alastair Simbarasi

Well over 1,000 of the upper sixth students from The Sixth Form College have now obtained the necessary qualifications to be able to proceed onto university degree courses including over 400 students who have now achieved offers for places on prestige degree courses including Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Engineering, Maths, Economics, Architecture, Law, English and History or have achieved places at Oxford or Cambridge or Russell Group Universities or Medical Schools or for other highly competitive universities or courses.

Amongst a large group of very high achievers are:

Sarah Binnie Previously a student at The Stanway School, achieved 4A* grades at A level in Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Environmental Studies. Sarah will now progress to study for a degree in Biological Sciences at St. Anne’s College, Oxford. Sarah also served as Chair of our Student Environmental Committee, carrying on the good work of former student and X-Factor host Dermott O’Leary, who was the first committee chair back in 1991.

Jamie Hooper Previously a student at St. Helena School, achieved 3A* grades at A level in Mathematics, Physics and Electronics. She will now study for a four year Engineering degree at the University of Cambridge.

Samuel Chumbley Previously a student at Ramsey College, Halstead, achieved 3A* grades in A level in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Samuel will now progress to study Medicine at The University of Exeter Medical School.

Rhys King Previously a student at Tabor College, Braintree achieved very high grades including A* grades in Mathematics and Chemistry. Rhys will now study for a degree in Chemistry at Pembroke College, Oxford.

Grace Roper Previously a student at Tendring Technology College, will now also progress to study for a Chemistry degree at Oxford. Her excellent results also include A* grades in A level Mathematics and Chemistry.

Heather Rodwell Previously a student at Colne Community School, achieved enormously well despite personal learning difficulties. Heather will now study for a degree in Medicine at University of East Anglia Medical School. Heather was recently shortlisted for a Colchester Youth Award for learning achievement.

Georgina Findlate Previously a student at Ramsey School, Halstead, entered the College in 2010 with a very moderate set of GCSE grades. She has now achieved A*ABB grades at A level in English, Sociology, Psychology and Citizenship and will now progress to study for a degree in English Language at Linguistics at Queen Mary College, University of London.

IB Exams Results

July 2013

The College kicks off celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of it's prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma course, with an outstanding set of results.

Ten years ago, The Sixth Form College enrolled its very first cohort of students on its newly established International Baccalaureate Diploma course. The prestigious course provides a different approach to A-Level, for those who wish to study a broader range of subjects with a distinctly international flavour, as well as get involved in a range of creative and charitable pursuits. Although it was new to the college at the time, internationally it has a far longer pedigree than A-Level. It carries significant international prestige and has not experienced any ‘grade inflation’.

Many of those first generation of students went on to considerable success at university, and in employment and beyond and we are sure that they would be glad to see that, ten years down the line, their successors have continued to build upon their achievements, with another set of outstanding results achieved this summer.

L-R: Martin St.Hill, Harriet Larvin, Elisha Khan, Sophie Chujor, Alice Fawkes

As Principal Ian MacNaughton explained: "The students at the College have yet again done exceptionally well – far exceeding the expected grades that their GCSEs would lead one to predict and achieving results that compare extremely favourably to their fellow students internationally. On an individual subject level, it has been especially pleasing, in a climate where it is often argued that young people in the UK aren’t always interested in languages, to see our students do so well in language exams in comparison to their peers in Europe and the rest of the world – even those who have started new languages from scratch. This is reflected in the fact that overall, a Diploma pass rate of 97% was achieved at the College compared to the international average of 79%.

We are delighted that our IB students will again use the course as a springboard into a range of prestigious university courses. The value of the IB course as a route into university is borne out by the fact that our students, on average, achieved 33 points, (this average equals to a UCAS average of AAA grades at A level). Their achievements are thus considerably better than the IB international average which is 29 points. The continuing success of our IB cohorts is especially impressive when one considers that the international average has stayed consistent for many years, as there has been no 'grade inflation' for IB.

Well done to all concerned. We’ve built up a considerable bank of talent and expertise in delivering the International Baccalaureate over the last few years and I’m pleased to see this reflected in the success of our students, but also in the high rate of applications for places on the course for next year, from students all over Essex and South Suffolk and beyond.

We were pleased to welcome the prospective new IB students to our successful induction day last month and look forward to working further with these students in September, as well as guiding the current lower sixth group towards their final exams next summer. They’ve already shown considerable courage, humour and determination in surviving a very wet field trip to Paris earlier this term and we hope they’ll continue to show such determination in their efforts to better the achievements of their predecessors this year.