College Reunion and Awards Presentation

January 2013

Over a thousand students and guests gathered at Charter Hall earlier this month to celebrate the success of the students who completed their studies at college in Summer 2012. Guest included Cllr Christopher and Mrs Amanda Arnold (Mayor and Mayoress of Colchester) , Sir Bob Russell, MP, Bryn Morris (Registrar- University of Essex) and many senior staff from local schools. We were also pleased to welcome Jim Godfrey, Media & Political Consultant – a former college student who was our guest speaker at the event.

As the Principal explained in his address to former students: "The examination successes you achieved in the summer were quite outstanding –by both local and national standards. The average ‘value added’ results you achieved – the comparison between your GCSE results on entry and your package of results on leaving, places your collective successes very significantly above the national average levels.

Our International Baccalaureate students achieved an outstanding level of success. Your average results of 34 IB points were very significantly above both the national and international averages. Well over 1000 of our second year College students entered for A Level examinations last summer and the average results you achieved were really excellent with average results ahead of the achievements of students at all other colleges in Essex and Suffolk and in all the Essex comprehensive schools with sixth forms. 93% of our A-level students leaving us last summer achieved 3 or more A-level qualifications – which the Government has recently told us compares to the national average for all Schools and Colleges of just 80%.

The top 100 academic achievers amongst you obtained an average UCAS point score equivalent to our 2 A*s and 2 A grades at A Level and we understand that this is a higher score than the top 100 students in any school in the country, including in all selective grammar and independent schools.

A very substantial number of last year’s leavers successfully attained the grades necessary to progress to degree courses, including large numbers progressing to some of the very most competitive degree course areas. Indeed approximately 1000 of last year’s leavers have, or will next autumn after a GAP year, progress to a wide range of exciting and challenging degree courses, or other opportunities in the UK or abroad. Others have found excellent employment or training opportunities either locally, in London but in some instances nationally or internationally.

If you make the same level of contribution to the worlds of higher education, community and employment that you made while you were students at College, then you will make a very positive and favourable impact. You can make a real contribution to the future betterment of society, as well as achieving excellent opportunities for yourselves.

The best advertisement for the Sixth Form College has always been its students. You were and still are excellent ambassadors for the College and we are extremely proud of you."

Outstanding A Level Results

August 2012

The group of over 1300 upper sixth students who sat their A levels this summer have achieved a subject pass rate of over 98% and an A* - B ‘very high grade’ rate of 50%. Nearly 95% of all the 18 year old students at the College have achieved 3 or more A level qualifications in their sixth form studies – a level of achievement which is very significantly above the national average level for all national sixth forms in schools or colleges.

In 27 of the A-Level subject areas, every student passed. These areas include Art, Computing, English Literature, French, Italian, Geography, Music, Politics and Spanish, and results in the range of the science subjects are also particularly strong.

To put these exceptional results in context, as Ian MacNaughton explained: “The final overall average Government measured sixth form ‘point score’ per upper sixth student at the College will be approximately 920 ‘QCA points’ – a score which is equivalent to grades A*AA at A level together with a further grade B at AS level.

This level of achievement is over 20% higher than the national average for all categories of school and college. The cohort of students at the College have also achieved an outstanding value-added score when A level results are related to the GCSE results achieved by students at age 16.

The average Government measured point score of the College’s top 100 upper sixth students is equivalent to grades A* A* A A at A level and these ‘top end’ results, it is understood, will for the sixteenth consecutive year, exceed the results of the top 100 students in any of the selective grammar or independent schools in the country”.

Amongst a large group of very high achievers are:

Laura White Formerly a student at Philip Morant School, achieved 6 A* and A grades and will now study for a degree in Medicine at University College London (UCL).

Emilia Danielsson-Waters Formerly a pupil at Colchester County High School will also now study for a degree in Medicine at the University of Bristol, having achieved an outstanding set of results including 3 A* grades.

James Cowgill Formerly a student at East Bergholt High School, who achieved 4 A* grades in A level Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics, along with an A grade in Computing. James will now study for a degree in Computing at the University of York.

Lily Staff Formerly a student at Honywood School, achieved 6 A level grades at A* and A grade. This comfortably exceeded the ‘offer grades’ Lily needed to progress to study for a degree in Theology at Murray-Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

Students who took the International Baccalaureate course as an alternative to A-Level study also had an incredibly successful year. For example, two of the students who achieved the IB Diploma Programme qualification at the College, Madeleine Askins, formerly a student at Ipswich High School and Adam Dyster formerly from Thurstable School, both achieved IB scores of close to 100%. This places their achievements within the top 1% of student achievers in the world-wide IB cohort.

Please see further down this page for further details regarding IB results.

Full details of every grade achieved in every subject will be available in downloadable form from this website by January 2013.

Results for last year's IB and A-Level students can be found here.

AS-Level Exam Success for Young Essex Assembly Member

Ekenna Oji is a member of the Young Essex Assembly, who as part of her role sits on the subgroup that focusses upon youth perception and tackling negative images of young people in Essex.

Today she joined nearly 2,000 of her fellow Essex students, tensely awaiting her AS Level results at The Sixth Form College, Colchester.

Before opening the envelope she explained:

“I’m nervous, but I prepared well and I’m confident it’ll be ok."

Ekenna was delighted to find she’d achieved in all of her ambitious programme of five AS Levels, including three impressive B grades. In all she achieved passes in English, Economics, History, Philosophy and Psychology.

She later said: “I feel like I’ve done really well and am really proud of myself. Support from family and my faith in God have really helped. I’m especially pleased with the English grade. The questions were really challenging and I wasn’t sure that I’d interpreted the questions properly. Since I was five or six I’ve wanted to study Law and this has really motivated me along that path."

“I’ve seen friends today who are really pleased with their results and who have done really well. Seeing everyone’s hard work and success definitely challenges any perception that A-Levels are getting easier.”

Outstanding IB Results

July 2012

Students taking the prestigious International Baccalaureate course at Colchester Sixth Form College have recently been celebrating another excellent set of results. Sixty-four IB students received their results last week and they are quite outstanding!

As Principal Ian MacNaughton explained:

"The students at the College achieved an average of 34 points, (this average equals to a UCAS average of 3A* grades at A level with an A at AS level) . Their achievements are thus considerably better than the IB international average which is 29 points.. Overall, a Diploma pass rate of 95% was achieved at the College compared to the international average of 79%. The continuing success of our IB cohorts is especially impressive when one considers that the international average has stayed consistent for many years, as there has been no 'grade inflation' for IB. The results represent a very high level of 'value-added' achievement when compared to their GCSE results".

Madeleine Askins Achieves a Virtually Perfect Score

Madeline GaskinIB Co-Ordinator Karen Burns added some specific examples: " We were very proud to see that eleven students achieved a points score between 39 and 44 points (To put this in context, the standard offer from Oxford and Cambridge is 39 or 40 points). For example, Madeleine Askins achieved a virtually perfect score of 44 points and Adam Dyster achieved a remarkably high 43 points".

As Adam Dyster said on the day: "I'm not entirely sure it's sunk in yet - I am absolutely thrilled with my results and now cannot wait to take my place at UCL to read History. However, in the same breathe, it will be also be sad to leave the IB course and the college. Personally I've found that I've been supported every step along the way - whether that was in exam preparation, essay technique or planning for my future. The help and advice I've received with regard to making applications for competitive, high-profile university places has been especially useful, and now it all seems to have paid off."