The College seeks to work closely with parents and guardians, in order to ensure the success and wellbeing of students. This webpage will be updated periodically and provide information and guidance useful to parents/guardians of students currently enrolled at the College, as well as those of students considering making an application.

The College also seeks to keep in touch with parents of students and prospective students via email. Parental email addresses are provided by students on their application form and again at enrolment. We would be grateful if parents/guardians could ensure that the College is informed of any changes of email address.

If there are particular queries or concerns, especially those linked to a particular student and their progress:

For all enrolled students: the first point of contact should be the student’s Personal Tutor, who can be contacted via email or the college switchboard on 01206 500700. More general queries can often be dealt with by the College General Office Team on 01206 500700.

For students yet to enrol: all queries should be directed to the Admissions Team on 01206 500743 or 01206 505595

We hope that Parents/Guardians will find the following information useful.

Principal's Newsletter

Details of all forthcoming events can be found in the Principals Newsletter which is prepared for students and their parents/guardians and aims to provide important information, guidance and advice, review recent activities and highlight a number of forthcoming events and dates. Please see information box on sidebar of this page.

Parents' Handbook

Please see download box on sidebar of this page. This document is updated every Summer.

Transport Guidance

Please see our Student Travel Information page for details. This page is updated every Summer.

Term Dates

Please see our calendar of Term Dates.

Student Finance

Please see download box on sidebar of this page. This document is updated every Summer.

College Careers Programme

Please see our Activities for progression including for Higher Education and Employment.