The Newsletter is designed to provide students and parents with information about recent developments at the College, to highlight forthcoming activities and events, and to provide guidance on a number of important College-related matters. Further editions will be published in the Spring and Summer Terms.  The College website is also an important ongoing source of information:  The ‘Documents’ section of the website has a range of very useful materials. From early November, the website will include copies of invitations to the two forthcoming Year 1 Parents’ Consultation Evenings in November. Term Dates for this academic year, and also for 2020/21, can be found on the website and the ‘News’ section of the website provides regular magazine-style reports and photographs from some of our student activities.  

Please note that Friday 29 November 2019 will be a ‘non-student’ day (a staff training day).  Students will not be required to attend the College on this day, although the Library and all independent study facilities will be available for any students who would like to study on the College site.  There will also be slight adjustments to our normal timetable arrangements between Wednesday 23 and Friday 25 October - related to our Open Evenings for prospective students to be held on the evenings of Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 October.  Students were provided with the detail of the adjustments last week – including a posting on Moodle.  Many thanks to the large number of our current students who have volunteered to help at the Open Evenings.

At the start of term all students were issued with a paper copy of the Student Handbook and Charter.  This document, and also the 2019/20 Parents' Handbook, is also available on the website within the Documents section.   An email, with a link to the Parents Handbook, was sent to parents/carers in early September.  The handbooks both provide in-depth information regarding College policies, procedures, systems and arrangements. If any students have not received a copy of the Student Handbook , or if parents cannot access either document from the links above, or the website, please contact my P.A., Fiona Weston, or the College General Office and paper copies will be provided.    

Students have ongoing access to important internal communications and a large range of teaching and learning materials through our ‘Moodle’ virtual learning environment and communication facility.  Students are expected to check Moodle, and also their College email, at least twice a day as our College systems rely very heavily on these electronic forms of communication.  Please also note that in the event of an emergency or in instances when there are potentially severe winter weather conditions, any information and guidance will normally be posted on Moodle – and the information will also be posted on the website for parents.  

The safety and wellbeing of our students is always a primary concern.  Details of our Child Protection Policy and other policy documents, including the College Prevent strategy, are available from the Documents section of the website - and are also within the Parents section of the website.  As a safeguarding measure, in line with expectations of Government agencies, we require all our students to have their College Student Card on their person at all times they are on College premises.  Staff and Visitors are required to wear visible ID in the form of lanyards or clip badges.  

Our pastoral team of Assistant Principals, Senior Tutors and Personal Tutors are supported by a Student Health and Welfare Coordinator, together with a Welfare Hub team and a team of trained first aiders who are available to also help provide an initial level of support to our students when necessary.  If a student needs to be sent home, then we would normally expect a responsible adult to collect them from College.  Where this is not possible, we will normally arrange a taxi to take the student home, but you may be liable for the cost.  It is essential that parent/guardian contact details (appropriate telephone numbers and email addresses please) are kept up to date so that we can, where appropriate, contact home in the event of an accident or illness, during the College day.  

If parents/carers are not available for ‘emergency contact’, for example, during their son or daughter’s participation in a residential College trip or visit, and/or where parents are out of the country on holiday or business, it is important that clear arrangements are made for a nominated local based responsible adult contact who can assume ‘duty of care’ for their son or daughter.  The College needs to be made fully aware of the detail of this arrangement prior to the relevant trip taking place.  Students wishing to participate in any College trips and visits must ensure that all health difficulties, physical and/or mental, are declared to the trip organisers on the application form relating to the trip.  In some instances, risk assessments will need to be undertaken.

Students provided the College with their parents’/carers’ current email addresses in late August.  We use these contact details for most key communications to parents/carers from the College.  It is, therefore, important during the academic year that the College is informed if there are changes to parental email addresses.  Please email Fiona Weston – with the detail of any changes as and when they arise.

We have unfortunately experienced some problems arising from two separate water leaks this term.  In September there was a large flood overnight in a section of the Midsite building when a heat exchange unit, located at high level, failed.  A new heat exchange unit had only been fitted by specialist contractors two weeks earlier.  The flood that resulted from the failure caused water damage to sections of each floor of the building.  The drying out is now nearly complete and our insurers, in conjunction with the contractors and manufacturer’s insurers, are now instigating a repair and rectification programme.  In the early part of the term we also experienced a leak in the external pipe supplying the mains water supply into the main building.  Achieving a repair proved to be much more difficult than the contractor had initially envisaged - and as a result we were without a mains water supply for parts of three separate days.  Apologies for the disruptions and temporary loss of facilities and the re-arrangements that became necessary as a result of these problems.

The College Friends welcome parents/carers of our new students and hope that you will be able to support its fund-raising activities to enhance the facilities available for students at College.  Funds raised by the College Friends are currently being used to provide extra student independent study facilities.  Many thanks to all who have supported or will support our students’ experience at the College.  The Clerk of the Governors will be contacting parents/carers in the near future and asking for nominations for a Parent Governor position on the Governing Body for a two year period.

If you have a concern about your son or daughter’s wellbeing, please contact their Personal or Senior Tutor and, if appropriate, Jo Cadman, Assistant Principal with responsibility for student matters.  Please do contact me if you feel this appropriate.  

Ian MacNaughton

2019 Examination Results and Destinations 

The results achieved by our students in the summer 2019 public exams were excellent - and above the national benchmark levels.  Our 2018/19 Government measured Achievement Rates are 3% up.  90% of last year’s Year 2 students achieved an average 3 or more A level or equivalent passes – significantly above the national average for 18 year olds in all schools, academies and colleges in England.  Our cohort of Year 2 IB Diploma students achieved an average IB points score of over 32 points, significantly above the international average.  Once again, the ‘top 100’ achievers at the College attained average UCAS and DfE point scores which will be better than those achieved by the ‘top 100’ students in nearly all selective or independent schools in the country.

As a result of strong results and academic achievements, student progression has been excellent.  Nearly 1000 of last year’s Year 2 students are now studying for degree courses at universities or specialist visual arts, design or performing arts courses, or have arranged ‘GAP’ or other ‘Year Out’ placements and experiences – with most having places to enter higher education in 2020.  Others have obtained employment and training opportunities in London or in the local area or abroad.

Our current Year 2 students also achieved encouraging results in their May Internal Assessments and in public exams taken in the 2018/19 year.  Their progress provides a sound basis upon which they can build on for success at A Level, IB and in other qualifications next summer.  Solid preparation for the forthcoming Mock Exams and the External Exams and Assessments in January is clearly important.  With regards to GCSE, where the majority of students involved were repeating examinations to improve grades from Year 11, 2019 results were also excellent – overall approximately 10% above the national average level in the A*- C grades range for 16-18 year olds. GCSE English and Maths resit results were really outstanding – considerably higher than national averages.

Congratulations must be offered to our students for their hard work and successes last academic year, and credit must also go to the College staff who supported students in their studies and wider experiences.  The achievement of last year’s second year students will be recognised at the Annual Reunion and Awards event to be held at Charter Hall on the evening of Wednesday 18 December.  Our guest speaker and presenter of Awards and Certificates will be Claire Davies – a former student of the College who is now a Barrister and training to be a Judge.  We expect over 1,000 of our former students and their parents and guests will be in attendance - and the evening will provide a memorable celebration of our student achievements.  Similar events will of course be held in both December 2020 and December 2021 to celebrate the achievements of our current students.

Year 2 Students 

We anticipate that nearly 1000 of our Year 2 students will apply for higher education courses - either for 2020 entry or, on a deferred basis, for 2021 entry.  Staff are currently very busy advising and working with those students to help them prepare and finalise their UCAS applications - and a good number of applications have now been dispatched to UCAS.  The specified deadline for the receipt of applications for most degree courses at UCAS is 15 January 2020 although for some specific degree courses deadlines dates were substantially earlier than this. (Relevant dates have been clearly and regularly communicated within College).  Please note that from the first submission of a draft UCAS application from a student to their Personal Tutor, there is a very significant amount of checking, administrative work, and reference preparation by a range of relevant staff that needs to be undertaken.  Last year, on average, draft UCAS forms had to be sent back to students by staff for necessary amendments nearly three times!  We therefore require that draft applications are completed and submitted to College staff by Friday 15 November at the latest to enable staff to undertake their work and ‘dispatch’ by the end of this term (19 December) and an internal deadline of just a week later (Friday 22 November) applies for submission of draft UCAS applications for the College to guarantee to be able to meet the main 15 January 2020 UCAS deadline.  

To help achieve good offers from universities we strongly advise Year 2 students to submit their UCAS applications as early as  possible. Feedback received from universities indicates that early applications are generally given greater and more favourable consideration by Admissions Tutors.  

In the late Winter/early Spring, when Year 2 students are making their final UCAS choices from the offers they have received, we also strongly advise that they should arrange a ‘fall-back’ option as their insurance ‘2nd choice’.  This should allow students to be confident they can achieve an ‘offer’ that is likely to reflect their ‘Current’ grades - although for some this may be slightly less ambitious and below their ‘Target’ grades.

Students considering applying for competitive employment or sponsorship or training scheme options offered by many of the national and multi-national organisations commencing in Summer/Autumn 2020 will, in most instances, also need to make early applications – and a good number will need to submitted in the Autumn/pre-Christmas period.  Year 2 students exploring employment and training options are strongly advised to undertake their research regarding their progression options as a matter of urgency to avoid the risk of missing deadlines.

Certificates for any GCSE or Applied General Certificate or AS level exams taken at the College by some current Year 2 students in the Summer 2019 will be distributed to the relevant students, via Personal Tutors, in December.  

All Year 2 A level students will be involved in a programme of Mock Exams and Assessments between 9 January and 17 January 2020.  Following the marking and grading of the Exam papers and Assessments a Year 2 Parents’ Consultant Evening will be held on Tuesday 3 March 2020.

Year 2 IB Diploma students are currently finalising their Extended Essays (deadline 7 November) and their Theory of Knowledge work needs to be completed by the 5 December 2019 deadline.  Year 2 IB Mock Exams will be held between 9 January and 17 January 2020.  The Summer 2020 IB external exams period commences on Tuesday 5 May and goes through to Friday 22 May 2020. IB results are scheduled for release in early July 2019 – which is over a month earlier than the Government release of A level results on 13 August 2020. 

Year 1 Students

We have been very pleased to welcome our newly enrolled students this term - and the first signs are that the vast majority are settling very quickly into their individual programmes of study and courses and to the College in general.  We feel it important to highlight to parents and students some important Spring and Summer 2020 period arrangements.  

Please note that the Easter break period, in April 2020, is not long before the start of the May Internal Exams and Assessments Programme for both A level and IB courses.  Following these Internal Exams and Assessments, in June students will receive revised Current and Target grades reflecting their progress on their academic programme of study.  Students should therefore plan to make substantial progress with their independent programmes of revision and preparation for the May exams during the Easter period – and, as highlighted in the Induction Parents Briefings held in June 2019, the Easter 2020 period is therefore not a good time for Year 1 students to take substantive holidays.  Some Year 1 students will also have some Exams in May or early June. 

First year IB students will also have ‘Internal Exams’ in May (Wednesday 6 May – Friday 15 May).  In late May IB students will then be engaged in a period developing study skills, progressing TOK and Extended Essay work and undertaking a Group 4 Science Project and ‘Model United Nations’ activity. 

The revised target grades that follow the A level and IB main Internal Exams and Assessments will help ‘inform’ the Predicted Grades process subsequently used for university applications completed in the early autumn period. 

Consistent attendance through to the end of the Summer Term, on Wednesday 15 July, is essential for Year 1 students to be able to progress to study a second year programme in September 2020.  We remind students and parents that holidays should not be taken by students at any stage within term time including within the second half of the Summer Term period. 

Year 1 A level and IB students should be aware that in July some work will be set by staff in each subject area for completion during the summer holiday period and many A level students will be progressing their Extended Project Qualification work.  IB students will similarly be expected to make significant progress over the summer regarding preparation of their Extended Essays as well as completing some work in most subjects. 

To inform and guide students, and their parents, an outline of 2019-20 general working arrangements was included in the Student Handbook - and was also outlined in the Parent Handbook which was circulated electronically to parents in September. Both Handbooks are also electronically available on the Documents section of the College website on an ongoing basis.

All Students - Progression

A major College programme of Higher Education and Employment progression information and guidance has begun.  Year 2 students are being encouraged to make firm progression plans for the end of the academic year – including by researching employment and apprenticeship opportunities or attending open days at universities and completing their UCAS applications. All students should now have completed an Employability Skills audit.  

A Volunteering Fair will be held on Thursday 21 November 2019 – with national and local organisations represented.  There will be a good range of volunteers, citizenship or social action opportunities made available to our Year 1 and Year 2 students. 

Our annual substantive Careers Fair will be held in the Multi-Purpose Hall on Thursday 13 February 2020 with approximately 100 exhibitors attending - including representatives from over 80 universities, employers, apprenticeship and training providers and ‘Year Out’ providers.  All visitors will be able to provide information and guidance to students.  Please see our Careers website for further details.  There will also be a Higher Education and Employability Briefing Evening for parents of Year 1 students, on the evening of the 11 February 2020.  Students are also welcome to attend.  

In addition, on 18 and 19 May 2020, all Year 1 students will be participating in a College-wide Career Progression ‘two day programme’ where over 300 talks will be taking place to assist students in planning their next steps. Students and parents may also wish to attend a regional UCAS Higher Education Exhibition which will be held on 18 June 2020 at the University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park. Students will need to sign up to attend the event via UCAS website.  

On an ongoing basis all students are able to sign up for individual careers appointments.

Learning Support Detail – Exam Access Arrangements

Students have been reminded to check that their individual Learning Support detail, including any possible Examination Access arrangements, are accurately logged on the College Database.  They can their individual detail by looking at their ‘Home’ page on Moodle – the top right hand corner – ‘Exam Details and Seating Arrangements’.  If any of the details are incorrect, students have been asked to inform Sarah Prince (Director of Learning Support/SENCO) or their Personal Tutor as soon as possible.  This information needs to be accurate as the College has to officially apply to the examination authorities for access arrangements and the first deadline for this was in early October, for both November and January examinations.  The deadline for Summer exams is 14th February.  Failure to meet this deadline will mean that the College is unable to apply for Exam Access arrangements.

Forthcoming Progress Reviews/Parent Consultation Evenings/Reports 

In the period ahead there will also be an opportunity to make subject appointments within one of the two forthcoming Year 1 Parents’ Consultation Evenings (28 November or 3 December).  See below for more detail.  Full Progress Reviews with subject teachers will take place in early November, where Current and Target grades will be given in each subject/course, culminating in an overall individual student progress discussion with their Personal Tutor.  Following this, the Progress Reviews will be completed and published to both students and parents via Go4Schools in the late November period (but prior to the commencement of the programme of Parents Consultation Evenings).  Students and Parents will separately be emailed to inform them when the Review is available online and with details of how to log on to their Go4Schools account.  

On an on-going basis if parents/carers particularly wish to discuss a matter with their son’s or daughter’s Senior or Personal Tutor, please contact the relevant member of staff directly by email or phone.  

With regards to the subject focussed Consultation Evenings mentioned above, which will be held for parents of all Year 1 students, on Thursday 28 November or Tuesday 3 December 2019, letters inviting parents to make specific appointments with relevant staff for one of the two evenings, will be emailed after half-term (details will also be posted on the website).  Students are encouraged to join their parents for these meetings.  If the specified date initially allocated to you is inconvenient there is flexibility for you to attend the other evening.  If you feel it necessary, appointments can also generally be made with Personal Tutors and Senior Tutors in addition to those appointments with subject teachers.  It is each student’s responsibility to make the appointments with their teachers.  Please leave a ten minute gap between the end of one appointment and the start of the next.

Full Reports for Year 2 students will be prepared and distributed in February – following a further Progress Review.  Reports will also be distributed via Go4Schools. First years have mini- review and full reports in June following the May Internal Assessments.

Parents of students (and the students) following the Advanced Foundation Programme (AFP) were invited to the AFP Consultation Evening we held on 2 October - and this gave an opportunity for dialogue at a vital early stage with regard to those students aiming to improve their GCSE grades.  Parents of our 1st and 2nd Year AFP students will, of course, also be invited to the November evenings.  Third year AFP students will have their next Parents Evening in early March.

Summer 2020 Results and Post Results Arrangements 

We have been informed that the relevant Government agencies and Public Examination Boards are planning to release Summer 2020 A Level results on Thursday 13 August 2020 - with GCSE results released on Thursday 20 August 2020.  Results will be released electronically via individual student Moodle accounts.  Alternatively, results can be collected in person at the College from 8.30am on the 13 August.  A large team of Senior and Careers Dept. staff will be in College from 13 August to help students and parents to offer guidance and advice.  Enrolment will begin with new students starting on Tuesday 1 September 2020. 

Getting involved and Supporting Others 

Our students take part in a huge number of voluntary activities and there are countless opportunities to “get involved”.

First year Tutor Groups have now completed the process of identifying their Tutor Group representatives - and the process of nominations and hustings, culminating in elections, is now underway for our College Council Executive Committee (student elected body).  Over the next few months each of the College Council Committees will also be electing new Chairs.  All students who wish to get involved are welcome to join one of the committees – Charities, Social, Arts and Cultural, Sports and Environment.  The committees are all active in arranging a range of activities.  These include a recent successful Knollfest very successfully organised by the Social Committee. A number of Black History Month activities were organised by the Arts and Cultural Committee and a series of Charity Committee activities have been organised (see later section).  The Environment and Charities Committees have been working with the staff and students involved in the production of ‘Urinetown’ and are organising ‘toilet-twinning’ activities and fund raising in the December period. 

Friends not Foes is an award-winning, student led group which works to support the local refugee community in Colchester area, and raise awareness of the refugee crisis. Our activities range from teaching English, baby-sitting, running a crèche at community meetings, waiting tables and kitchen work at the pop-up cafes, running stalls at various events, and organising a Christmas party for the children in partnership with the Colchester Police. The College continues to be an active member of Colchester Citizenship Alliance and was awarded College of Sanctuary status in 2018.  

The Director of ‘Educaid’, a charity working to support the disadvantaged in Sierra Leone, will be visiting and giving presentations to several groups of students on Friday 8 November.

There are significant numbers of opportunities available to our students to get involved in ‘peer support’ or ‘buddying’ schemes at College – either involving the subjects they study or in some cross-college areas.  There are also a number of volunteering opportunities including student Library Champions and College Ambassadors – who work with the Admissions Department.  If any students wish to get involved in these schemes, which provide excellent opportunity to develop skills, they need to liaise with the appropriate members of staff with responsibility.  Any students wishing to be involved in a College Ambassador role should contact Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal or Gaby Wheelhouse, Admissions Department.

This has been a very busy term for charitable activity.  The Charites Committee organised a collection of carrier bags for Colchester Food Bank – who were short of the bags necessary to distribute donated food.  Students, parents, staff and some local stores became involved – and nearly 2000 bags were subsequently donated and collected.  A Pink Day collection with regards to Breast Cancer Awareness was organised and on the Open Evenings this week there will be students collecting for the RNLI and also to support our college charitable community in India, the RUSS Foundation.  Later in the term, there will be Children in Need activities and Tutor Groups will prepare Christmas Hampers for local families, via local Social Services agencies.  There will also be a Christmas Jumper Day aimed at raising funds for Save the Children.

Expeditions, Trips and Visits and European Language Day

In the Summer vacation period a group of students and staff visited the Santa Maria Education Fund in the south of Paraguay (details on the College website News section).  In early 2021 the College group have funded the opportunity for 3 of the young people from the very disadvantaged community in Paraguay to visit the UK – staying with some of our student’s families and with a programme that includes time spent at the College.

A series of trips and visits that have taken place this term including a group of students and staff visiting Krakow and surrounding area as part of the Holocaust Memorial Programme and a group of History Department students that have recently visited Berlin.  Over the Christmas and New Year period a group of staff and students will visit the RUSS Foundation Community in Madurai, Province of Southern India.  The group have spent months preparing for the visit including a substantive programme of events and activities.  This included a very successful Quiz Evening last weekend.   A series of day trips this term have included visits to Westminster and The National Theatre, 

Our European Day of Languages event recently took place (Thursday 3 October).  It was a very well attended event, with students making fantastic presentations to celebrate their language and culture. We also had the opportunity to taste some lovely, exotic food and listen to amazing music. There was a great, vibrant atmosphere in the Language Centre, a successful event.

Performing Arts

In late September the Performing Arts Department hosted a visit from the resident practitioners at AMATA (Academy of Music and Theatre Arts), from Falmouth University. The students took part in workshops including Acting, Dance, Music Technology, Pop Music and Theatre and Performance as well as being able to attend talks on life at Falmouth University and the Technical Theatre degree course.  The workshops pushed and challenged our students and the workshop leaders remarked on the enthusiasm of the students and the positive ethos that the department has developed.  The Performing Arts Department are hoping to work with Falmouth again in the near future as part of our growing links with a series of HE establishments with strong Performing Arts curriculum.  Later this term students will have the opportunity to take part in workshops with University of Bedfordshire and also with University College Colchester.  

Rehearsals for the college production of "Urinetown - The Musical" are well and truly underway. Auditions were held in the first week of September; the show was cast and rehearsals began the following Monday! The cast, the college band, and the production team are all working with commitment and enthusiasm and are rehearsing four evenings a week throughout the period leading up to the production - which will take place on the evenings of Wed 4th, Thurs 5th and Fri 6th December at 7pm.  URINETOWN is musical theatre production - a social and political satire set in a fictional, not so distant future where a terrible 20-year drought has made water so scarce that the government has enforced a ban on private toilets. The citizens must now use the public, pay-per-use amenities owned and operated by Urine Good Company (UGC) – a corporation run by the corrupt Caldwell B. Cladwell. Citizens who try to “pee for free” relieving themselves in the bushes, risk being taken away to “Urinetown”, a mysterious place where many have been sent, but no one ever returns. The oppressed masses stage a revolt, fighting for the freedom to pee. URINETOWN is a comic yet poignant tale of greed, corruption, love, and revolution (sound familiar?) in a time when water is worth its weight in gold. Music and Lyrics are by Mark Hollmann; the Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis. 

Tickets will go on sale on 25th October via Ticketsource:

Our Dance Community are using the close links developed with the University of Bedfordshire, to arrange a two professional workshops in Dance - and also later activities in acting/musical theatre. This will provide our students an experience of higher education courses in Dance and the Performing Arts, as well as allow them to develop their performance skills. These workshops will be open to all Dance and Performing Arts students and are free. 

As usual we have a programme of Performing Arts workshops led by visiting artists planned throughout the year. Further info to follow.

On 11th and 12th December there will be Dance Performance evenings, starting at 7pm. The performances will consist of a mixed programme of pieces from the diverse mix of dance on offer here at The Sixth Form College.  During the day of the 12th, we also host a school’s matinee performance of some of the work from the two nights.

A Level Dance students have auditioned for our Artist in Residence 2020 project.  Ex-student Hayley Lemon has returned again this year, following last year’s national success at U Dance 2019.  The students successfully qualified to perform at the South Bank in July.  Hayley will be leading the project, creating a new work involving 11 of our A level students.  We have also been asked to perform as guest artist at Dance East’s regional U Dance event in 2020. 

A number of performing arts trips are planned for the second half of this term, including a Christmas visit to Sadler’s Wells to watch Matthew Bourne’s Red Shoes. 

Youth Dance Company begins again this term, working with The Dance Network Association.  This year the group splits into Dance Station (for students aged 10-16) and Young Professionals (for aged 15-19), yet another opportunity for our students (and prospective students) to build their performance experience and develop new skills working with a range of artists.

Three students will be sharing performance aspects from their Performing Arts EPQ projects. These pieces will have been entirely conceived and staged by the students themselves. The chosen themes and ideas relate to Mental Health issues.

The Additional studies RADA Shakespeare Group students will be presenting their RADA examination Bronze and Silver award speeches and sonnets later this term.  Performances will take place in 002 at 7:00pm until 8:30pm on 11th December 2019. All are welcome to attend on the evening (no entrance fee).

A Christmas carol service will take place in St. Peter’s Church, North Hill (just ‘up the hill’ from the College) on Tuesday 10 December at 7:30pm.  The service will be very musical with significant contributions from our College musicians, including from our choir, orchestra, band, ensembles and soloists.  After the event all are invited back to the College for drinks, including mulled wine, and mince pies, organised by Friends of the College.


The Sport Coaching Physical Activity courses, that good numbers of students are involved in as a supplement to their A level courses, continue to be extremely popular and enhance the very good links the college has with local primary schools. The students will be involved in organising a number of sports activities for the local schools.  This will include the Primary School’s Rugby Festival which has developed into a very significant activity.  A number of the students also continue to gain part time and even full-time employment from these courses/qualifications.

An excellent range of competitive and recreational opportunities are available including the regular team sports squads such as Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey and Rugby. The sporting Additional Studies programme also offers a range of recreational opportunities for all students including Badminton, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, Yoga and Bootcamp with the overall strategic aim of encouraging greater levels of sports participation.  The Sports and P.E. Department also maintains strong links with the University of Essex and this gives students a great opportunity to access professional tennis coaching and boxing.

The College has begun the year with another comprehensive fixture list and The Association of Colleges regional sports competitions began this month and the College is looking forward to another successful year with hopefully, a large number of successful qualifiers for the finals weekend.  The Volleyball team have indeed already qualified.

The Sports Committee has been re-established with students who are keen to organise and run events for the student body. The students on the committee have already been involved with ‘Knollfest’ and one of their major aims this term is to encourage college students to become involved with sporting Additional Studies and facilitations.