New Carpets

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 22 April 2016

After 28 years of loyal service, the carpets in the college reception area have been replaced - with a tasteful new grey look now in place. We gave up trying to work out how many pairs of feet had crossed the old ones - but I think certainly a few million ?

Stained Glass Windows

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 2 November 2015

The recent Open Evenings gave us a great chance to show off the recently installed stained glass windows in the Performance Studio Building. These not only provide us with a distinctive welcome for visitors at the foot of the drive, but also offer  spectacularly lit access to an additional Psychology classroom.

Official Opening of The Syd Kent Pavilion

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 12 October 2015

Last Friday marked the official opening of our new student social and study spaces, though in truth students have been using both facilities for a few weeks now and we are very pleased with the response to our new facilities.

We hope that they weren't disturbed too much by the formal opening, but it was a good chance to recognise the outstanding contribution of outgoing College Governor Syd Kent, who has been a driving force behind the college since before it started nearly 30 years ago! The New 'Syd Kent' Pavilion is a fitting tribute to his hard work on everyone's behalf over the years.

Syd is pictured below (left) being congratulated by Chair of Governors Andy Beatty

Students Using the New Pavilion

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 12 October 2015

New Student Study Space

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 29 September 2015

It's quite right that a lot of attention has been focussed upon the new Pavilion Building, but the more attentive among us will also have noticed a number of other study spaces popping up around the site over the past year or so. This one, for example, is tucked away on the top floor - with its distinctive angled windows being the only clue to its former life as office space for the Senior Tutor in Division 9.