Government confirmation of a strong level of 2015 student examination achievement at the College.

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 12 October 2015

The Department for Education is currently preparing the A level 2015 Performance Tables (which they will release in January 2016).  As part of that process, the College has recently been notified that 91% of the 18 year old (upper sixth) students who sat A levels in the College in summer 2015 achieved 3 or more A level subjects in the A* - E range – therefore, providing students with excellent progression opportunities for university or competitive employment.  The College level of achievement compares very positively to the provisional figure of an average of just 77% of 18 year olds in all Schools and Academies, Sixth Forms and Colleges in England, (including those in the Grammar School and Independent School sectors) completing and passing 3 or more A levels. Students enrolling at the College are also statistically on average more likely to complete their year of study (a 3 year average of a 97% Retention Rate) than the average sixth forms in all Schools, Academies and Colleges throughout England.