Maths Rocks at Essex Uni

By Carwyn Ball , Maths Department, 27 July 2015

, which were worn with pride. s T-shirt”Maths Rocks“tudent were given a goodie-bag containing a copy of Alex Bellos' latest book (which he offered to sign) and  Sam Calver said “It gave me a fantastic insight into some applications of mathematics. I especially enjoyed the talk on domino computing.” Tom McKeown also commented that it was “an interesting day with a wide range of sessions that explored how and where maths is used.” Davide Mansfield felt it was very engaging” especially the talks which were more interactive.” At the end of the day ssunamis. Students were also given valuable advice about choosing the right university course and making a successful application. tlass - How life reflects numbers and numbers reflect life" in which he explored favourite numbers; cultural bias and attitudes towards numbers and how they can be used to sell brand products. Throughout the day students were also encouraged to explore how Maths related to a wide range of topics such as Gooking Lhe Through TAlex Bellos of the Guardian shared extracts from his latest book "Alex Finally, Prof Dame Celia Hoyles of the UCL Institute of Education spoke about "Celebrating mathematics and challenges to widening participation", which encouraged the audience to explore applications of mathematics in modern science and the digital arts. Later entitled "Domino Computing"; students built logic gates and basic computing machines out of dominoes. In her lecture "Number Matrix" she also explored the mathematical technologies behind text messaging, such as error correction.”Think Maths“Dr Katie Steckles of In July, the Maths Department took a group of students to Essex University for the annual Winsten Day Lectures. They took part in an interactive workshop led by