Sixth Form Volleyball team Comfortable Winners after Shaky Start

By Oguz Karatay, Student Reporter, 27 March 2015

Colchester Sixth Form Girls’ Volleyball Team recently won convincingly away at Hills Road in the British Colleges Plate competition. Although they lost out in the first set 25-20, their quality in the other two sets came through with comfortable scores of 9-25 and 13-25. They managed to produce a good performance to win over the three sets. With only 6 players able to travel, all players still contributed their maximum effort.

In the first set, Sixth Form looked to be in control leading 18-13; however their lack of confidence and nervousness seemed to take its toll as they ended up losing 25-20. Sixth Form began to relax though, allowing their skills flourish. Katie Polley, Rizzy Tolentino and Abbie Varley produced very strong serves which set a good foundation for Sixth Form to dominate rally after rally. Paulina Palka also played an integral part at the net and her passing was also accurate. Ellie was vocally active encouraging Sixth Form to keep morale high, and she was also strong at blocking at the net as well as hitting.

Sophie Beddoes’ setting also improved with every rally as her confidence grew. As always Tolentino captained by example communicating with her teammates and her overall movement was vital to keeping Sixth Form ahead. Polley’s excellent passing and defending meant that rallies were kept alive with her speed of thought. Varley’s energy around the court and her ability to keep the ball alive were also a great asset to the team.

This result was perfect for the team who will now believe in themselves to go as far as possible in this competition.