IB Model United Nations Conference: Peace-building and Conflict Resolution

By Mark Brassington, IB Teaching Team, 26 July 2015

On Thursday 4th June, all first year IB students presented their research into the causes and implications of a range of on-going conflict zones across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The aim was to explore the background to some of the world's worst trouble spots and the often disturbing daily reality of the affected civilians and participants alike. A particular emphasis, of course, was placed on the reaction of the international community, especially the United Nations.

Students impressively explored these wide-ranging and difficult issues with maturity and insight. They debated the questions : 'Why is the conflict happening?' and 'What can be done?' Conflicts addressed included : the on-going crisis in Israel/Palestine; communal violence in Burma and Sri Lanka; the activities of Boko Haram and Joseph Kony in Nigeria and the Congo, respectively, and the civil war on our doorstep in Ukraine. The presentations were of a particularly high and consistent standard this year so congratulations to all participants!