Language Buildings taking shape

By Josh Cox, Student Reporter, 14 December 2011

As we finish off for the year of 2011 at Colchester Sixth Form College, fellow students may notice that the new Languages Centre which shall be opened soon, is looking well on the way to completion. Just how far along is the building, you may ask? My photographer and I spoke with site manager Ted Studd and here's what we learned:

Construction work is progressing quickly, with the building looking closer and closer to the final product each week. According to Gripping Construction, the work being done on the roof and brick-work is nearly completed, as can be seen from the photos. Work on the flat-roof is also underway and should be completed within the next few weeks. A particularly good spot to view the progress on the building, and on the roof in particular is the Lecture Theatre in room 630.

Over the Christmas break, more work will be done on making the building watertight. A protective membrane will be added to the building which will keep out most water. The building will also become more waterproof as more windows are put into place, as currently only 35% of windows are installed.

Over all, the building is looking good and should be completed in the spring term. I'm sure all of us who study languages at the college will be pleased with a new building to have classes in. This will also create more space in the Midsite and North Site buildings for other subjects.

Photos by Poppy O'Neill (Student Photographer)