Student Reporter Interviews Gripping Construction Manager

By Josh Cox, Student Reporter, 24 January 2012

week Josh Cox is getting some personal insights into the construction business from Gipping Construction Projects Manager Ted Studd, who is currently contracting the college’s new Languages Centre.

JC: Ted how long have you been in the construction business, and specifically working for Gipping Construction?

TS: I've been in the construction industry for over thirty two years and with Gipping Construction for the last eight years. I have also worked with some of the Gipping people before in other firms so I know them well.

JC: Is this your first time working on an educational building?

TS: No, I've done about ten public buildings including schools and hospitals. My last job was at a primary school in Dagenham.

JC: Is educational/public building your speciality?

"It has been a pleasure to work here"
TS: No, but I'm used to it. I know a lot what's going to happen in these types of buildings, how they are used and how the people interact with them. This really helps me get the specifications and details right. Understand what the end user needs is critical to the build process and can save time and creates a more efficient process which is beneficial to the contractor and the client.

JC: How have you found the atmosphere at this college?

TS: Very good, no problems at all. It's a good college and seems to be well-run. The staff have made us very welcome and we have a very good on-going relationship with them, the communications are clear and helpful. It has been a pleasure to work here.

JC: Once you finish working on the language centre, what will you be doing next?

TS: I don't know. There will be another project, it could be anything. Whatever comes up, whatever's next to do on the books, basically. Gipping have many projects already started and others ready to start. Part of the excitement of this work is not knowing what comes next, the variety is always good.

JC: What is your favourite building that you've worked on?

TS: Well there's not a favourite, really. I like the one off projects like this building. You know, it's not like housing, where you do one after the other of the same thing. You go in, you do this building, and no-one's going to build another one like that. It is nice to travel round and see the buildings you have worked on it give you a real sense of achievement and pride especially when it has all worked out well, like here.