Language Centre - making good progress

By Josh Cox, Student Reporter, 22 February 2012

We're seeing good progress on the building. The construction company reports that the building works are slightly ahead of schedule and that the building will be up and running in April. Hopefully we'll be getting to see some blue skies and sun in the next few, months, which should highlight the architectural design of the building nicely. The complex and interesting zinc clad roof has been completed one week ahead of schedule. This probably helped negate some effects of the adverse weather conditions that have been around lately. The wall plastering is 90% done, but was slightly delayed by snow as the cold would cause plaster to crack if it were newly applied. In addition, the zinc covering is completed.

Progress over the next few months will be on the interior of the building, with ground-works starting soon which includes the steps, footpaths and tarmac. Decoration is also starting in February so we'll be getting some colours in. The electrical work is being done as well, so we're able to use projectors and laptops. A must-have for language studies.