Reception Team Journey into Space

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 10 September 2014

Visitors to the College Reception Area might have noticed that the back wall of the General Office is currently hidden by wooden panels. This is because the now-demolished wall used to conceal a huge space, which many members of the college community didn’t even realise was there! (Somewhat like the one recently excavated to form the new extra performance space - see New Performance Studio story below).

As the photos show, the space opened up by the recent building work is significant. For years all it has contained is a disused staircase and a tree stump. Once completed, this area will form a substantial addition to the General Office space, enabling the College to centralise and improve service to students in this area, as well as, most importantly, freeing up other space elsewhere for student study and social space.

This project is part of a programme of ongoing additions and improvements to student facilities, which over the past year has included the provision of new performance space and the acquisition of 58 North Hill to house our student support team and other teaching provision.