New Pavilion Roof Takes Root

By Carol McAuley, Assistant Principal, 22 May 2015

As the new Student Pavilion nears completion, we're very pleased to see the new 'green roof' in place. Comprised of plants such as sedums and sempervivums, the living roof covering will bring advantages such as improved insulation and water management to our new student study and social space. Indeed, as the Green Roof Guide  points out, such roofs "perform a vital role in helping cities adapt to the effects of climate change by reducing the need for artificial cooling in hot weather and attenuating or capturing rainwater runoff, as well as providing a range of habitats for urban wildlife".

It's also pleasing to see that, in keeping with our 'International Schools Award' , we have fallen into line with a continental approach to such matters, as the French have just passed a law  requiring that rooftops on new buildings built in commercial zones in France must either be partially covered in plants or solar panels.