Sneak Peek at New Pavilion

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 17 June 2015

It's not due for unveiling just yet, but now that the scaffolding has been removed, some of us have been able to have a sneak peek at the interior of the new Student Pavilion Building, which will be open for student use next term. It's certainly impressive, even without the vibrant greens and yellows that are due to be applied to the interior over the next few weeks.

Architect Simon Plater of Plater | Claiborne Architecture + Design took the time to explain to us some of the difficulties of working on the site, including sloped access and the close proximity of a lot of material of archaeological interest. Much consideration has also been given to the use of the two large student spaces, including careful attention to factors such as light and power, and overall it's certainly adding up to an interesting new addition to college facilities.