Children In Need

By Michele Perrin, Charities Co-ordinator, 18 November 2016

It was so good to see everyone get involved in Children In Need this year.  For some days, different departments have been working hard to decorate Pudsey posters for a college-wide competition, with thirty entries displayed on the college concourse. We’re pleased to announce that the winners were the Chemistry Department, with a fantastic ‘lab-coated’ bear, and the Finance Team’s cash-covered contribution. We also had a ‘fill the Pudsey Bear” activity in reception – where students were asked to donate coins to cover a huge poster of Pudsey. This was accompanied by Pudsey-themed face painting and a hula-hoop competition – all organised by the Student Charities Committee. Well done to everyone who took part! We’ve not finished counting the money raised yet, but we are sure that we have well exceeded last year’s total.