Tag Rugby Tournament

By Tim Grimsey, Sport and PE department, 19 July 2016

College's Principles of Coaching and Leadership through Rugby students organised a major Tag Rugby tournament, the biggest ever organised in Colchester.  The students coordinated the event from scratch which involved 45 teams from local primary schools playing against each other in nine groups of five teams.  It is a massive undertaking to draw together so many teams from across the area but College students were excellent in all aspects of their role and really did the College proud. There was no overall winner due to the format of the competition. Many teachers from the Primary Schools went out of their way to praise the College students and said they would definitely be signing up again next year.  Leadership Through Rugby student Michael Johnson said "It was a fantastic day which helped me really improve my skills as a ref and it was really nice to see how much the players enjoyed the day and improved, as a team, as the day went on."