Award Winning Success for Brave Student

By Shiv Cordy-McKenna, Psychology Department, 11 July 2016

Congratulations to Anya Lovett who has just received a Colchester Youth Award in the 'Personal Journey' category.

Anya started at The Sixth Form College in September 2015, proving herself to be a competent, diligent student, who made good progress in all subject areas. In February, 2016, Anya was sent home from college, not feeling well. She collapsed at home that same evening and was hospitalised for testing. Anya has been diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. She had all the symptoms of a stroke, but her tests were clear. She has had to learn to walk and talk again over the past few months and has made incredible progress

Since her release from hospital, Anya’s only concern has been her studies.  Anya was very proactive during her convalescent period, insisting on email updates from her tutors and continuing to read around her subjects.  Anya took some persuading to agree to a reduced timetable for the remainder of her AS year, but since returning to college, has fully committed to her remaining subjects and is progressing well.

Anya’s commitment and dedication to college has been impressive and in spite of her quite serious and frightening medical condition, she has not let it deter her from achieving her full potential.