Litter Awareness Day

By Keith Ellis, College Sustainability Co-ordinator, 23 March 2016

Staff from Colchester Council were invited in recently by the Student Environment Committee and they spent time in and around College, increasing awareness of just how much of a problem litter can be. The UK is one of the most heavily littered countries in Europe. A significant proportion of the population still thinks it is OK to drop litter, particularly when they are in their cars. Not all of us are aware that dropping litter can get you a fixed penalty fine of £75.00.

As Keith Ellis, College Sustainability Co-ordinator, explained: "It's not often that we have rubbish delivered TO the college, but we're really grateful to the wardens from Colchester County council who came onsite with a lorry carrying the equivalent of one day's rubbish from the streets. It really helps to promote awareness of the problem and I was really pleased, as always, to see such a positive response from the students to this environmental initiative."