Visit to Royal Courts of Justice

By Sally Fox, Law Dept., 11 March 2016

The Law Department undertook a trip to the Royal Courts of Justice at the Strand in London on the 2nd March this year. The aim of the trip was to allow students to have the experience of participating in a mock murder trial (the case of R v Rouse 1931) and also to sit in on a real life appeal case in some of the most powerful courts in the country.

Prior to the trip students were selected to play different roles in the mock trial, including the role of judge, jury members and barristers for both the defence and prosecution. The students put on a fantastic display. They prepared and executed their legal duties with pride and enthusiasm which was a pleasure to watch as well as providing a unique opportunity for the students. During the afternoon the students were allowed to go an sit in an appeal court. They watched a number of different types of cases, both criminal and civil cases, observing some of the best Judges and Barristers in the country at work.

 “I thought it was a really interesting and worthwhile experience. Anyone who is interested in law or wants to carry on with law in the future should definitely take the opportunity to visit the Royal Courts of Justice if they have the chance. I enjoyed the mock murder trial because it was a fun way to engage in something inside an actual court room. I found watching an actual court case very eye opening and I was surprised to see how tense it gets during a court case. It has inspired me to carry on with law and maybe even take it on at university. I would definitely go again if I had the chance, it was a great day out with college!”

AS Law Student