Government confirmation of very strong levels of 2015 student examination achievement at the College

By Adrian Frost, Assistant Principal, 21 January 2016

The College level of academic achievement compares very positively to the average figures for 18 year olds in all state sector Schools and Academies, Sixth Forms and Colleges in England (including those in Grammar Schools).  The Government have now published Performance data for 2014/15 academic year end.

This compares very favourably to the national average figure of 77% for all Schools and Academies with sixth forms (including those in the independent and Grammar School sectors) and Colleges.  The Government data reveals that 91% of the 18 year old (upper sixth) students who sat A levels in the College in summer 2015 achieved 3 or more A level sub jects in the A* - E range – therefore, providing students with excellent progression opportunities for university or competitive employment.

The Government published data also reveals that 18 year olds at the College achieved an average academic sixth form point score of 827 points – well above the national average of 764 for all state sector Schools and Colleges.

Students enrolling at the College are also statistically, on average, far more likely to complete their year of study (a 3 year average of a 97% Retention Rate) than the average level in sixth forms in all Schools, Academies and Colleges throughout England.