Tree Planting

By Michael Padmore, Conservation Group, 8 December 2015

The Sixth Form conservation volunteers have been busy this term with visits to Fingringhoe Wick and Abberton Reservoir.  Over 60,000 trees have been planted at Abberton over the past 12 years to mitigate the effects of enlarging the reservoir and college students have been among the most enthusiastic participants in the work.  On our visit to the reserve at the beginning of December we used a new type of tree guard made from recycled cardboard which, unlike the old-style plastic guards will naturally decompose as the trees grow.  By contrast, the October work party at Fingringhoe Wick involved removing alder and willow trees to maintain the sunny glades and shallow pools that suit dragonflies and other insects found on the reserve.  Whatever the weather, new volunteers will find a warm welcome at the first work party of 2016 when we will be constructing a boardwalk at Twinstead.  Contact Michael Padmore for more information.