Computing and IT Department clear winners.....

By Adrian Frost, Head of Admissions, 1 November 2019

The Sociology Department started things off with their fairy light display boards a few years ago, but the Computing and IT Department very much raised the stakes this year at Open Evening with their disco-themed IT Centre...

Annual Visitors

By Michael Padmore, Media & Film, 4 July 2019

The Sixth Form College Peregrine Watch has been running for a second year, providing students, staff and members of the public with an opportunity to observe the family of peregrine falcons nesting on Jumbo, the water tower at the top of the hill. Once again there were three chicks in the nest and we were watched closely to see whether they would succeed in flying first time or crash land into the college gardens as they have done for the last two years. Bird of prey expert Peter Merchant was on hand to share his knowledge and experiences with peregrines as they extend their range across the East of England. He also brought telescopes and binoculars on loan from Viking Optics in Halesworth, to give everyone an excellent view of the birds. All three young have now left the nest and can often be seen over the college as their parents teach them how to hunt. This year’s Peregrine Watch raised more than £100 to support Wild Justice in its campaign to use to UK legal system to further nature conservation.

Further down the hill, a recording of swift calls or “screaming” has been playing early in the morning and later in the evening to attract this threatened bird to the 14 nest boxes put up in February thanks to generous donations from students, staff and the Essex Wildlife Trust’s Colchester group. It is generally believed that it may take two years or more to establish a breeding colony; however, early signs around the mid-site building suggest that the birds are already visiting the boxes.

Photos: one of this year’s peregrine chicks, taken by local wildlife photographer Sean Nixon.