Situated in the historic Roman town of Colchester, the College's prime aim is the provision, in a supportive environment, of high quality, full-time academic and general education courses to meet the needs of young people between the ages of 16 and 19 who live in the Colchester area and at the same time to equip them with the qualifications, skills, and personal attributes required to move successfully and happily into higher or further education, employment, and future life.

Underlying Principles

The College will support these aims by providing the following "characteristic qualities" of education for all its 16 to 19 year old students:

  • A structure of tutorial and pastoral support for the individual that encourages all students to realise their potential, cope with difficulties, and develop their talents fully.
  • A high quality teaching and learning experience.
  • A broad and balanced educational experience.
  • A lively and stimulating student community with which students can identify and in which they are encouraged to participate.
  • The provision of appropriate high quality accomodation and the maintenance of a well-kept environment specifically designed for sixth form study.
  • High expectations from staff of all students.
  • High expectations from students of all staff.
  • The freedom to pursue educational activities within the College community unhindered by race, religious belief, gender, physical disability or social background.