Corporation (Governing Body) Information

Sixth-form College Corporations (Governing Bodies) have the legal status of statutory corporations and exempt charities. A college, is a charitable activity undertaken by its Corporation. As laid down in the Higher and Further Education Act of 1992, the Corporation of the Sixth Form College, Colchester, has ultimate responsibility for the College and it is the responsibility of the Members of the Corporation (the Governors) to ensure that the College achieves its mission as a sixth form college.

The core functions of the Corporation (Governing Body) include:

  • setting and communicating the College’s educational mission, vision and quality improvement strategy 
  • holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance and quality of the college and the performance of staff 
  • exercising effective control to ensure that funds and assets are used efficiently, and legal obligations are met

The Corporation is made up of members from a cross-section of the community. They come from a variety of backgrounds with the skills and expertise required to ensure that the Corporation functions as effectively as possible and in the best interests of the College and its stakeholders. The Corporation comprises of up to 20 members, including parent, community, student and staff representatives.

Members of the Corporation (governors) are also charity trustees and have six main duties under charity law. These are to;

  • ensure the Corporation carries out its purpose for the public benefit
  • comply with the Corporation’s governing document and other laws and regulations that apply to the Corporation
  • act in the Corporation’s best interests
  • manage the Corporation’s resources responsibly
  • act with reasonable care and skill
  • ensure the Corporation is accountable

In addition, governors also commit to follow the Nolan 7 principles of public life’ Which are the ethical standards expected of people in public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

The Corporation operates a limited committee style of operation governance, supported by dedicated Lead Governors  who focus on key areas of its responsibilities including:

  • Safeguarding including Child Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Finance
  • Curriculum Offer and Educational Quality
  • Pastoral
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Terms of reference for the operational and statutory committees can be found in the Corporation and Committee Minutes section above.

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission: The College’s mission is to provide suitably qualified 16 to 19 year olds wishing to pursue full time academic general education in the Colchester area with a supportive and inclusive environment, in which they are able to acquire the necessary qualifications, talents and skills vital for success in adult life.

Vision: Our vision is to be the first choice for these students and to deliver to them the highest level of quality educational experience, the broadest possible curriculum, and the strongest pastoral and enrichment support that is possible within the resources available.

Arrangements for obtaining the views of stakeholders on the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the institution and the oversight of its activities.

The Corporation (Governing Body) regularly provides a number of opportunities and approaches for stakeholders to provide their views on the educational character, mission and vision statements of the College and the work of the Corporation in general. These opportunities include; providing views in response to stakeholder consultations, direct feedback to governors during college events (including open evenings for prospective students and their parents/guardians), staff and student surveys and meetings with union representatives. In addition to the above, the constitution of the Corporation includes staff, student, parent and community representatives. The Standing Orders, minutes of meetings of the Corporation and its committees, and Terms of Reference published on this page, provide further information on the work undertaken by the Corporation. Feedback can be given by contacting the Clerk to the Corporation using the contact details below.

Public Access to Corporation Meetings                                                                                                                                          The Instruments & Articles of Government and appendix B of the Corporation’s Standing Orders provide information regarding public access to meetings.

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests                                                                                                                               Members of the Corporation (Governors) must avoid conflicts of interest with respect to their fiduciary duties to the College. Corporation members, senior managers and specified budget holders are required to disclose their business, financial and other interests and those of their family members and close associates which might be seen as a conflict of interest. These declarations are entered on registers maintained by the Clerk, which are open for public inspection. The Register of Members is available to view online [Register of Members]. Should you wish to view the senior manager and budget holder register, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation.

Information Updates

Corporation Chair & Vice Chairs: K Finnigan was elected to serve as Chair of the Corporation and M Atherton and D Morran elected to serve as Vice Chairs of the Corporation, for a 2 year period commencing 01.09.2020. 

Three new governor appointments  have recently been made. H. Hallworth has joined the board as a staff governor and S. Codling and H.Skeggs have been appointed as community governor to serve a term of four years. Collectively, they bring to the Board a wealth of experience from the Further Education, digital marketing and auditing sectors. 

Parent Governor Vacancy:  Parent Governors are elected by the parent body, to serve a 2-year term of office and play an important role as members of the Corporation, which is responsible for the strategic direction of the College and for promoting high standards of educational achievement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Six nominations have been received for the vacant post of Parent Governor and as there are more nominations than vacancies, an electronic ballot will be arranged and every eligible parent will be invited to vote.  

For further information about the voting process or the role of a Parent Governor please contact the Clerk to the Corporation, 

Community Governor Vacancy: We welcome expressions of interest from persons willing to work in a diverse environment that aims to reflect our student body and embraces our mission and vision.  To register an interest, in becoming a governor or to find out more about the role, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation.  

Coronavirus (Covid 19): During these unprecedented and difficult times, the Corporation has put into place contingency plans to make sure it continues to fulfil its statutory responsibilities, including that of strategic oversight and with the aim of ensuring that the College is able to continue to provide all students with a first-class learning experience. At all times the primary focus of the Corporation remains the wellbeing of the students, the staff and the wider college community.

Accessibility, Further Information & Contact Details

If you need any of the information on this webpage in a different format such as accessible PDF, large print, or an audio recording, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation using the contact details below. We will consider all reasonable requests and aim to respond to requests received via email within 7 working days.

Should you have a query regarding any of the information contained on this page or would like to register an interest in becoming a governor please contact:

Tina Johnson
Clerk to the Corporation
The Sixth Form College, Colchester
North Hill

01206 500700