Corporation Information

Sixth-form College Corporations have the legal status of statutory corporations and exempt charities. A college is a charitable activity undertaken by its Corporation. As laid down in the Higher and Further Education Act of 1992, the Corporation of the Sixth Form College, Colchester, has ultimate responsibility for the College and it is the responsibility of the members of the Corporation (the Governors) to ensure that the College achieves its mission as a sixth form college.

The Corporation is made up of members a cross-section of the community. They come from a variety of backgrounds with the skills and expertise required to ensure that the Corporation functions as effectively as possible in the best interests of the College and its stakeholders.

The Corporation comprises of up to 20 members, including parent, community, student and staff representatives.


David Morran was elected as Chair of the Corporation, for a two year term of office commencing September 1st 2018. The Chair will be supported by two Vice Chairs Kevin Finnigan and Andy Beatty.

Arrangements for Obtaining the Views of Staff and Students on the Educational Character and Mission Statement of the College

Consultation on the Mission and Vision Statement

The Corporation regularly provides a number of opportunities and approaches for stakeholders to provide their views on the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission statement of the College. The Corporation is currently seeking stakeholders’ views on revisions to the current Mission Statement and proposed Vision Statement 2020/21 – 2023/2024.

Proposed Mission and Vision Statements

The College’s Mission it to provide suitably qualified 16 to 19 year olds wishing to pursue full time academic general education in the Colchester area with a supportive and inclusive environment, in which they are able to acquire the necessary qualifications, talents and skills vital for success in adult life.

Our Vision is to be the first choice for these students and to deliver to them the highest quality educational experience, the broadest possible curriculum, and the strongest pastoral and enrichment support

We welcome your feedback about any aspect of our proposals. The consultation period runs from 26th August 2019 to 12 noon on 19th September 2019. You are invited to send your comments via email to or in writing addressed to:

Mrs T Johnson
The Sixth Form College
North Hill

Should you require any further information regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact Tina Johnson, Clerk to the Governing Body at