Governing Body Information

The Governing Body of the Sixth Form College, Colchester, has ultimate responsibility for the College and complies with the Articles and Instruments of Governance as laid down in the Higher and Further Education Act of 1992. It is the Governors' responsibility to ensure that the College adopts appropriate strategies to achieve its mission as a sixth form college.

Governors are made up from a cross-section of the community. They come from a variety of backgrounds with the skills and expertise required to ensure that the Governing Body functions as effectively as possible in the best interests of the College and its stakeholders.

The Governing Body comprises of up to 20 Governors, including 1 parent governor, community governors, 2 student governors and 2 staff governors. Many of our community governors have, experience of being a parent of a student studying at the College. Governors are volunteers and as such are not paid for their duties.


The Governing Body is pleased to announce that following the retirement of Chris Graves, David Morran was elected as Governing Body Chair, for a four year term of office commencing September 1st 2018. The Chair will be supported by two Vice Chairs Kevin Finnigan and Andy Beatty.

The Governing Body is pleased to welcome two new community governors, Mike Atherton and Simon Carmel, who will both serve a four year term of office ending January 2023.

Following the recent parent governor election, Joanna Johnson was elected as the Board’s parent governor to serve a two year term of office ending November 2020.

Information Update

July 2018 – following a 2 year trial the Governing Body decided to move to a slightly different operational model. Under this model operational committees are dissolved in favour of Full Governing Body meetings held at least twice each term. Statutory committees (Audit and Search) continued to operate under their respective terms of reference.

Arrangements for Obtaining the Views of Staff and Students on the Educational Character and Mission Statement of the College

The Governing Body obtains the views of staff and students on the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission statement of the College and the oversight of its activities via:

  • Teaching and Support Staff Governors
  • Student Governors (who are also the Chair and Vice-Chair of the College Council)
  • Staff Surveys
  • Student Surveys
  • An annual meeting of Union Representatives with members of the Chairs, Search & Remuneration Committee
  • Representations from other stakeholders and members of the general public

The College Mission Statement and College Strategic Priorities are reviewed at least annually by the full Governing Body a. Any member of staff or College student wishing to comment may do so by either contacting the relevant Staff Governor (and in the case of staff, Union Representative) or Student Governor.

Anyone else wishing to comment should contact the Clerk to the Governing Body. See contact details below.

Policy for Review of Confidential Papers

The following is an extract from the Governor’s Code of Conduct.

Because of the Governing Body’s public accountability and the importance of conducting its business openly and transparently, Governors should ensure that, as a general principle, students and staff of the College have free access to information about the proceedings of the Governing Body. Accordingly, agendas, minutes and other papers relating to meetings of the Governing Body are normally available for public inspection when they have been approved for publication by the Chair.

There will be occasions when the record of discussions and decisions will not be made available for public inspection; for example, when the Governing Body considers sensitive issues or named individuals and for other good reasons. Such excluded items will be kept securely by the Clerk, and will be circulated in confidence to appropriate Governors.

Some confidential items are likely to be of a sensitive nature for a certain period of time only (for example information relating to a proposed commercial transaction or a collaboration with another institution). The Governing Body will specify how long such items should be treated as confidential or, if this is not possible, such items should be reviewed from time to time to consider whether the confidential status should be removed or whether the public interest in disclosure outweighs the confidential status and the item made available for public inspection. When considering such issues the Governors will consider the College’s publication scheme issued under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 .

As a matter of course all ‘confidential’ items will be reviewed on an annual basis and that unless still deemed to be sensitive will then be released for public Inspection. Staff and student governors have no right of access to minutes dealing with matters in respect of which they are required to withdraw from meetings under the College’s Instrument of Government.

Are you interested in becoming a Governor of the College?

From time to time vacancies occur for members of the wider community to serve on the College Governing Body. We currently have one vacancy for a community governor if you think that you may be interested in the post or becoming a Governor of the College in the future, please write to The Clerk to the Governing Body using the address below. A Parent Governor election will be held during the 2018 autumn term and interested persons are invited to contact the clerk to obtain further information.

Contacting the Governors

College Governors can be contacted by email or by telephone through the College office or alternatively by writing to:

Mrs. Tina Johnson
The Clerk to the Corporation
The Sixth Form College
North Hill