Consultation Evening and Higher Education Presentation for Parents of Year 1 Students
Tuesday 3 July 2018

You are warmly invited to attend College on Tuesday 3 July to meet the subject staff who have been teaching your son or daughter on their AS, Applied General Certificate or IB courses this year. The evening provides an opportunity to discuss their progress and to consider issues regarding their progression to second year courses. You may also arrange to meet your son or daughter’s Personal Tutor, if you feel appropriate. Students are welcome to attend the discussions with parents.

Higher Education finance presentations have also been arranged on this evening. Presentations can be attended at either 6.15pm (finishing at 7.30pm) or 7.45pm (finishing at 9:00 pm). The presentations will begin with a briefing from Evette Hawkins, the Head of Careers, who will provide a brief overview of the arrangements, events, activities, materials and sources of information relating to student progression to Higher Education. However, the main focus is the 2018/19 Higher Education financial arrangements in England and a representative from the University of Essex will provide an outline of the Government’s HE Financial Support Systems that will operate throughout England.

To assist with the smooth running of appointments for both parents and staff, an appointment system for the meetings with staff will operate throughout the evening. Your son/daughter will need to arrange your appointment times and locations directly with their subject tutors. It is advisable to leave a ten-minute gap between the end of one appointment and the next. Please also plan your appointments taking one of the Higher Education briefings into consideration, if you wish to attend. A plan of the College main building will be available on the evening in the Reception Area and staff will also be there to help you locate the appropriate rooms.

Senior Tutors and other senior staff will be present throughout the evening if you wish to arrange to see them.

We regret that, owing to the limited parking space available, it will not be possible for parents to park in the College grounds during the evening. Parking will be available at Middleborough or St. Mary’s car park or in the Nunn’s Road car park (map attached). Appropriate arrangements will, of course, be made for those with mobility difficulties; please inform your son or daughter’s Personal Tutor or College Reception as appropriate.

The Summer Term Newsletter and guidance notes relating to arrangements for the May to September period were distributed, electronically, to you and your son/daughter in May. Parents will find this information useful, and we advise keeping the materials as a source of reference. The newsletter and guidance notes are available from the General Office/Reception. If we do not have an up to date email address for you, could you please email the details to

We look forward to welcoming you on 3 July.