The Textile course aims to nurture creativity and help students develop their own personal strengths through independent study. The textile area is well resourced and staff are able to provide a wide range of expertise while providing a welcoming and friendly environment for students to develop their creative and technical skills. There are a wide range of opportunities for careers and for further study in Higher Education. This creative subject combines well with any course of study at the college.

Some FAQs

Q: What will I study?

A: By taking a practical approach this course will enable you to explore your creative and innovative ideas through a range of traditional and experimental textile techniques. You will initially take part in workshop sessions that will introduce you to a range of techniques including: Printing and dyeing; stitch and embroidery, constructing 3D forms in fabric and fabric construction. As the course progresses there will be an opportunity to specialise in one of these areas so that you can develop an exciting body of work for your portfolio. Textiles has an amazing global heritage and you will be encouraged to analyse and critically appraise both traditional and contemporary textiles.

Observational drawing will play an important part as the starting point for design development and for recording different aspects of your visual research. Sketchbooks are essential to this course and will be used to record and develop ideas, for sketching and drawing, technical research, fabric samples and contextual studies.

Q: How will I be assessed?

A: You will be assessed throughout the year during class and individual tutorials, regular feedback will provide the opportunity for you to improve work and subsequent grades. The final assessment will take place in May.

The AS level course is broken down into two components.

  • Component 1: Coursework Portfolio – 60% of the AS mark
    For this component you will produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates a diverse range of skills and techniques in a variety of media, it will include your sketchbooks, design sheets with samples and the textile pieces that you have produced.
  • Component 2: Externally set assignment – 40% of the AS mark
    You will be issued with a list of topics set by the exam board one of which you will choose as a starting point for a sustained project. There will be a ten hour exam at the end of the project when you make your final piece.

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