The Sport & Physical Education Department were one of the first colleges in the country to offer the Physical Education A Level in 1987 and therefore are one of the most experienced in the country with strong links with the AQA Examination Board. We are a lively and enthusiastic team made up of five subject specialists; we also have a full time Sports Technician and Fitness Instructor. We are constantly developing ways to deliver exciting, creative and dynamic lessons whilst supporting and nurturing our students to achieve their full potential. In 2017 we introduced the new Applied generals Level 3 Certificate and Extended Certificate in Sport.

We are lucky to be able to draw on the expertise of local sports coaches to help us deliver a comprehensive recreational and competitive sports fixture programme. There is now a strong link with the University of Essex who run satellite clubs in basketball and volleyball.

An annual Sports Awards event is held to recognise the considerable achievement of our students, both individually and in teams.

Courses Offered by the Department

Sport & PE: A Level Physical Education

This course covers a diverse range of topics, drawing on the disciplines of Anatomy & Exercise Physiology; Acquisition of Skill / Psychology of Sport; Sport and Society and technology in Sport. These are fascinating topics and you will be required to factually recall information as well as making your own reasoned arguments about everything you study.

Through the course you will develop reasoning and evaluative skills which are a vital part of the subject.

Specification at a glance

Applied Generals in Sport - Level 3

This qualification comprises the Certificate in Year 1 with the opportunity to progress to the Extended Certificate in year 2.

Specification at a glance The units we cover are:
Year 1
a Anatomy + Physiology – external examination
b Practical Sports Performance – internal assessment Year 2
Year 2
a Professional Development in the Sports Industry – internal assessment
b Fitness, Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Wellbeing - controlled assessment

1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching (Sport and Physical Activity)