The Sport and Physical Education Department is one of the largest providers of A Level Physical Education in the country. We were one of the first colleges in the country to offer the A Level in 1987. We are a lively and enthusiastic team made up of 6 subject specialists; we also have a full time Sports Technician and Fitness Instructor. We also have a Sport England funded Sports Activator. We are lucky to be able to draw on the expertise of local sports coaches to help us a deliver a comprehensive recreational and competitive sports fixture programme. A number of the department staff are also examiners with the AQA examination board. We are constantly developing ways to deliver exciting, creative and dynamic lessons whilst supporting and nurturing our students to achieve their full potential.

Academic Courses

AS and A Level Physical Education (AQA Examination Board)

This course covers a diverse range of topics, drawing on the disciplines of Anatomy & Physiology/Exercise Physiology; Acquisition of Skill / Psychology of Sport; Social and Cultural Issues. These are fascinating topics and you will be required to factually recall information as well as making your own reasoned arguments about everything you study. Through the course you will develop reasoning and evaluative skills which are a vital part of the subject.

Extended Project Qualification

The department offers support and supervision for students wishing to take the highly regarded Extended Project Qualification [EPQ] with a focus on the study of sport. This qualification can be taken in the 2nd year and is worth half an AS level and is awarded to an A* level.

Additional Studies Programme

In addition to the academic programme students are also required to participate in a wide variety of recreational activities. The Sport & Physical Education department offer the following opportunities:

  • The Principles of Coaching Sport
  • Sports Reporting
  • Competitive sport fixtures
  • Recreational sport programme

Principles for Coaching Sport (Level 2)

The qualification is awarded by 1st4sport Qualifications and has been developed with guidance from SkillsActive and Sports Coach UK, to support people who have an interest in coaching sport. This qualification can be used to support the achievement of a variety sport-specific coaching programmes. This course is available to students in the college as part of the Additional Studies programme. They will achieve a nationally recognised qualification and will be given the valuable experience of leading sport sessions to primary school children.

Level 2 Award in Leadership through Rugby Union

Opportunities for students to deliver sessions in primary schools, organising tag rugby tournaments and gaining a qualification that will lead on to the RFU Level 1 qualification.

Sports Reporting

Students learn the basics of sports reporting and produce the college’s weekly sports bulletin – based on the college’s sports fixtures.

Competitive Sports Fixtures

The college run 3 rugby teams; 3 football teams; 2 netball teams; a mixed hockey team; a golf and tennis team; we have a badminton and volleyball squad; a recent development has been the Basketball Academy in conjunction with the Colchester Institute. We maintain very strong links with Colchester United Community Sports Trust in terms of coaching provision. We also enter the British Colleges fixtures and have been very successful in representing the Eastern Region.

Recreational Sports Programme

There are plenty of opportunities for students who do not want to commit to the team fixtures, to maintain their fitness and continue to enjoy participating in physical activity. Some of these include trampolining. Run 4 Fun, Badminton, Table Tennis, Weights & Fitness and so on.

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