Psychology is a very popular subject with a large number of students opting to take Psychology each year. We also offer a new Criminology course which offers an extended certificate. This is a large department with specialist staff who are experts in their field having studied their subject to degree level. Many of our staff are also experienced examiners and team leaders.

Psychology is an expanding discipline and the Psychology team strives to keep up with current research developments and to help students to make links between academic Psychology and their everyday lives.

Courses Offered by the Department


A Level psychology is a two year course with three exams at the end. Subjects studied include social influence, memory, mental health, attachment, gender, crime and schizophrenia. Students are introduced to a range of psychological theories and research. Psychology builds a broad range of skills as students will develop mathematical skills, scientific skills and essay writing skills. A good Psychologist takes a critical and analytical approach to their studies. These skills are highly regarded by employers.


The extended certificate in Criminology is the study of criminal behaviour. It looks at the causes of crime in individuals and in society, and considers how it can be prevented or controlled. Criminologists work to deter, detect and prevent future crimes. It is an interdisciplinary subject drawing on elements of Sociology, Psychology, Law and Social Anthropology. The WJEC Award in Criminology is assessed through controlled assessment and examination and involves applying knowledge to real life situations and scenarios. Students learn to use theories of criminality to analyse criminal situations and make recommendations for policy change. They will also study the process of criminal investigation, processing of evidence and trial process. This course is delivered by specialists with expertise in Sociology, law and Psychology.

Trips and Visits

The Psychology department has links with a number of Universities and a representative from the university visits the college each June to talk about Psychology and Criminology at Higher Education.

Each year Psychology students are given the opportunity to visit a University to attend lectures and research demonstrations. Additionally, the department runs trips to conferences led by leading Psychologists as well as revision conferences.

Please see our Courses page for full details of all the courses offered by the college.