The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department is one of the biggest providers of A Level Philosophy and RS in the country. We are a lively and enthusiastic team, made up of subject specialists who are passionate about the subjects. A number of the department are also examiners for A level Philosophy, Religious Studies and Critical Thinking. Despite being a large department at the college, we are constantly developing ways to deliver exciting, creative and dynamic lessons whilst supporting and nurturing our students to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Courses Offered

AS and A Level Philosophy (AQA)

This course covers a diverse range of topics, covering questions such as how we form knowledge, the nature of the external world, the conditions under which we should be governed, conceptions of God and arguments for and against his existence, whether animals or machines could count as persons and why we value art (the particular combination of courses you study depends on the class you are in). These are fascinating topics but in order to ‘do Philosophy’ you will be making your own reasoned arguments about everything you study. Through the course you will develop reasoning and evaluative skills which are a vital part of the subject.

AS and A Level Religious Studies (EdExcel)

Students studying Religious Studies focus on Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics. In Philosophy of Religion, we focus on Western Philosophy considering possible ‘proofs’ of the existence of God, as well as reasons why people challenge the existence of God. In Religious Ethics we consider how we might know the correct way to behave morally, asking questions such as: Is there a right/ wrong way to behave? What is good? Are rules absolute or relative? Where does morality come from? The course demands that students question all of the ideas and perspectives presented to them, so this course may not be suitable for someone who is not willing to do this.

IB Philosophy (Standard and Higher)

The IB Philosophy programme explores the fundamental questions that people have asked since the beginning of time, and confronts new problems arising within contemporary society. What exists? What is it to be a human being? What can we know? How do I know what is the right thing to do? These questions are explored through an examination of themes and texts. Studying Philosophy requires intellectual rigour, an open and critical mind, and a willingness to understand alternative views. At the core of Philosophy lies a concern with truth and clarity of understanding achieved through critical and systematic thinking, careful analysis of arguments and close reading of texts.

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Past Students

We are always very interested to hear from ex-students of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department. Please do get in touch and let us know what you are doing now.