The Media and Film Studies Department offers a range of successful and popular courses in a purposeful and welcoming environment. Highly qualified, enthusiastic staff, including a dedicated Media Technician support students on A Level Media Studies, Film Studies and GCSE Media Studies. These courses aim to build on and extend enjoyment and knowledge of a range of media forms by providing students with the opportunity to study a number of set texts, explore production skills and develop media literacy.

For those students interested in a career in the media industry, there is the opportunity to compete for a work experience placement in the second year of the A Levels, working with production companies such as Endemol, Princess Productions and Blink TV. Graduates from this placement and other past students working in the media industry regularly return as visiting speakers.

We have strong links with the British Film Institute Academy scheme with several students accepted on the course over the last five years. This provides film making opportunities, workshops with industry professionals as well as access to future BFI courses.

Courses Offered by the Department

Media Studies

The Media Studies courses offer the opportunity to study a wide range of set texts and theories. The A Level includes study of texts such as Beyoncé’s Formation music video, foreign language crime drama The Bridge and historical texts such as an issue of Vogue from the 1960s and advertising from the 1950s. Lessons will include group work, class discussion, note taking and essay writing. The coursework component allows students to demonstrate technical and creative skills by creating a cross-media production, such as an extract from a television crime drama with a companion website. You will learn how to shoot and edit video using professional editing software.

Please note that the texts studied are set by the exam board and may occasionally include those with an 18 certificate.

Similarly, the GCSE Media Studies course covers a range of set texts across the full range of media forms including television, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertising, video games, music video and online media. There is one coursework component where students create a media product.

Film Studies

The Film Studies course is structured around a range of films and theoretical approaches covering the history of the industry from the silent period to contemporary film making. Students will study topics including recent British film, global cinema and documentary, analysing films in detail as well as considering their wider cultural and political contexts. Lessons include screening of the set films, note taking, class discussion and group work. The coursework component assesses understanding through the construction of either a screenplay or short film, based on student research. In doing this, students learn the conventions of script writing and how to film and edit.

Please note that the films studied are set by the exam board and may occasionally include 18 certificate films – where these are felt appropriate for the students.

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