The information provided here deals with AS/A2 Dance (AQA).

Some FAQs

Q: What will I be studying?

A: At AS Level your course includes Understanding Dance - 40% (written) Choreography and Performance - 60% (practical).

With A2 you will extend your knowledge with Dance Appreciation: Content and Context 50%(written) Unit 4 – DANC4 Group Choreography and Solo Performance 50% (practical).

Q: So what will a lesson be like?

A: Well, practical lessons focus on both developing technique and choreography. You will study a variety of techniques such as Contact Improvisation, Graham, Release, Cunningham. You will also be armed with the skills to create your own choreography through workshop style lessons. In your 2nd year you also get to focus on the techniques of professional choreographers such as Richard Alston.

In theory lessons we cover a wide range of areas: Anatomy & Physiology/dance History/Adshead Model of Analysis/Professional works/Professional Choreographers /Choreographic Techniques. The idea behind all the theory is to arm you with ideas for your practical, to provide you with the knowledge to use your body safely and to its best abilty and also to give you the skills to watch Dance and be able to read whats behind it and how it works. The idea then is that you put all of that knowledge into developing your choreography. MAKING YOU A THINKING DANCER!!

Q: How will I be assessed?

A: You will have a practical assessment which consists of the performance of a solo piece of your own choreography and a duet/trio. You will also sit a 1hr 30 min written exam. In the 2nd year you perform a choreographed group piece and a technical solo along with a written essay based exam.

Q: What subjects is Dance compatible with?

A: Dance combines well with subjects like English but can be studied alongside any course offered here at college. Past students have studied Dance with Drama/Performance Studies/Music/Music Technology. In your second year you also have the option to do an Extended project Qualification in Dance (AS).

Q: What can I go on and do if I choose to take Dance?

A: The majority of dance students go off to university, to either study Dance or another of their A Level subjects. A handful of students go and pursue Dance Training at Laban/ Rambert/London Contemporary. Some students alternatively go on to Italia Conti/Urdang Academy/Performers College.

All students are given guidance and support to complete UCAS and private Applications as well as prepare for interviews and auditions.

Q: Is there anything that might put me off?

A: The course does have a strong written element, but that is good. Why? Because, without it Dance would not be an academic subject recognised by top universities as suitable entry for degree level study.

Q: Do I need to audition?

A: NO, audition is necessary but every potential student will be invited to a compulsory informal practical assessment designed for you to assess if AS Dance is the course for you. It will also give you chance to see if you can keep up with the pace of a class and give you an opportunity to have a go at Choreographic tasks.

Q: What if I don’t want to study Dance, but want to be involved in Dance at The Sixth Form?

A: The Sixth Form offers 2 additional studies aimed to both support the AS/A2 Dance students and offer the opportunity for non-Dance students to be involved in Dance. Both CHOREOlab (student led class) and Dance Club (teacher led class) have Performance opportunities.

Q: What experience do I need to have to do AS Dance?

A: All students are expected to meet the academic requirements for the course. Please see the Download box on this page for a link to the course details. If you have studied GCSE Dance then a grade B is expected but if you haven’t then you must have strong training in either Ballet /Contemporary or another technical Dance Genre.

The key here is that you start the course with enough technical understanding to allow you to develop the skills you come with as well as new ones.

Q: How many people will be in my class?

A: On average we have around 30 -40 AS students who study Dance. Group sizes are between 15 – 20 per group.

PARENTS' BIT!!!! If your son/daughter is thinking about studying Dance and you are concerned that perhaps this is perhaps a “light” subject…….. Dance, although practical in nature is as wealthy as any other subject when it comes to UCAS points. If students then go on to study Dance further the Degree they may achieve is just like any other degree, it makes you a graduate.