The department offers a range of subjects all taught in a suite of purpose built air-conditioned classrooms. As well as the academic subjects (GCSE ICT, GCE ICT, and GCE Computer Science), we also provide the chance to study 3d computer modelling including the opportunity to complete an extended project qualification.


AS Computer Science

The aims of this course are to develop an understanding of the nature and principles of Computer Science, and knowledge and understanding of the techniques used to design and write programs. There is no coursework in the first year of the course.


This subject is aimed at students who wish to develop and enhance their understanding of the use of IT within the business environment to solve business orientated problems. Coursework accounts for a significant proportion of the course.


This course is aimed at students who wish to increase their knowledge of software packages and gain a good understanding of the manner in which computers, from mobiles to mainframes, work and are used in modern life.

3D Modelling

Studied over 2 years: in the first year you get loads of experience using professional quality 3d modelling software to make your own creations (monsters, chess pieces etc.); in the second year you research a model that you would like to make and in the process leading from idea to creation do an extended project qualification (EPQ).

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Trips and Visits

We maintain good links with Essex University’s School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering organising day visits to the university to experience the work involved in higher level Computing.

Speakers from a range of universities visit every year to give talks to students on university level topics, we have had external speakers from Essex, Edinburgh, and Queen Mary universities in recent years.