The Sixth Form College, Colchester Careers Programme

The College’s mission is to provide suitably qualified 16 to 19 year olds wishing to pursue full time academic general education in the Colchester area with a supportive and inclusive environment, in which they are able to acquire the necessary qualifications, talents and skills vital for success in adult life. 

The College’s priority is to get students to think about their progression possibilities very early on in their college careers. The College’s careers programme is well-publicised in tutorials, in the student handbook, on the website and on newsletters. This helps to make students aware of the College’s commitment to them as well as the College’s expectation that they will take responsibility for getting the most out of the careers programme.

Careers Programme and Events

We have an annual programme of events throughout the year: see Key Dates for timings.  Individual subjects will also offer progression activities and opportunities for students, especially during the Progression Event in June. We also encourage external providers and employers to give talks to students.  We support students in researching, finding and applying for their next steps through the tutorial programme and in the Careers Department where we provide independent careers information, advice and guidance with qualified careers advisers. We have also tracked our progress in meeting the National Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Education and we are launching the use of a student tracking tool, Morrisby, for students to record their activities and skills to help inform Personal Statements for University entry as well as CVs.

The College provides an extensive range of additional studies, which form part of the 4th course students complete whilst enrolled. These provide opportunities to develop the skills of students, whilst allowing them to focus on personal interests. Additional Studies also enhance students' experiences to assist in their future progression. Some of these include: Oxbridge, MEDIC's (Doctors, Dentists and Vets), Lawyers, Pre Teaching (Primary), Sports Coaching, Work Experience, Pre-Foundation Art, Storm Radio and Records. 

Students are informed of events via many sources – direct emails, College calendar, Tutorial Programme, Student Bulletins, Personal Tutors, talks from the Principal, Newsletters, College website and Moodle. Parents' are informed via Newsletters, the College calendar, Parents Handbook and the College website of key dates and activities. External agencies are contacted via email but we are always happy to include external agencies that have heard about our events. Staff are informed by the College calendar, SharePoint notices and staff briefings. We especially welcome our local educational providers and have a Providers Access policy.

Other stakeholders such as former students are encouraged to return to assist in the programme to give talks about their work experiences or career paths, either through staff contacts or via a destination form. The Sixth Form College, Colchester believes in giving FE, HE and training providers the opportunity to talk to pupils at the college, please contact us for information.

We celebrate the success of our A Level leavers in December at our Annual Reunion and Awards event at Charter Hall, Colchester.  Students and parents are invited to attend this event via an invitation sent in the Autumn term.

Please see the links we have provided and contact us if you have any enquiries.

Skills Agenda

Encouraging students to develop their employability skills and enhance the skills they already possess underlies the work that is done at college.  We help students to recognise the skills that they have developed and will need for their future. Subject teachers will highlight and help students develop skills during lesson times and Personal Tutors through the Tutorial programme promote Employability Skills and assists with writing of a Personal Statement by encouraging students to recognise their skills and ways to enhance them. Students can record the achievement of their skills via Morrisby.