What our students say about Archaeology

Student trip to Stonehenge

"A level Archaeology proves to be a great subject choice which offers not only fascinating course content and help in improvement of skills common across other subjects, but also opportunities to visit sites of archaeological interest on a number of trips. Having gotten involved in an excavation of a Roman fort in south Wales for a week in the summer (arranged through my teacher) I can thoroughly recommend getting practical experience in archaeology to complement the A level course. The course itself complements a great many other subjects and deals also with ethics involved in archaeology with regards to such issues as human remains and evolutionary ancestry, thus covering a broad range of interest. Taking archaeology helped me to decide on my university subject choice (Archaeology and Ancient History) and I know from classmates that few can study this A level without getting drawn into an interest in a world which is little noticed and often little understood from the outside." - Connor

Student trip to Roman Wales

"Choosing to studying Archaeology at A-Level was fantastic. I originally decided to study the subject as a follow-on from my interest in history, but by the end of the first year I loved it so much that I am now planning to pursue a career in archaeology through university. The Archaeology course at Colchester not only teaches you how to do archaeology through the methods and surveying topics, but it also gives insight on how to understand ritual sites and ritual behaviour, human evolution and the complex development of societies from the first hunter-gatherers to highly developed states and empires. The course also offers many fantastic trips that involve exclusive access to Stonehenge and the Museum of London, as well as opportunities to visit the Tower of London and the sites of Roman Wales. These trips are particularly good as they provide practical links with the topics studied as well as giving students a chance to get to know each other and have fun! All archaeology students are offered the chance to attend a week’s archaeological dig as a volunteer with Cardiff University in Wales during the summer. This was a brilliant opportunity that confirmed my passion for archaeology and its practices." - Jessica

Classical Civilisation

The Classical Civilisation course is like studying History and English Literature at the same time. In the first year you study the world of the Greeks – Homer’s Odyssey and the history of Athens in the sixth and fifth century BC. In the second year you do the same for the Romans, the reign of Augustus and Virgil’s Aeneid. Classical Civilisation combines well many arts subjects but especially English, Art History, History and Archaeology. The subject is popular with students and many continue with the subject at university. In the second year students have the option to broaden their study of the ancient world by taking up A Level Ancient History.

Will I go on trips?

There will be plenty of trips in both the first and second year will consolidate the course and further interest in the subject.

These include: