International Baccalaureate (IB) Courses for 2019 Entry

Please use the links below to obtain details of our full range of IB courses. All course details are updated annually for the following academic year prior to our Open Evenings held in October.

To view additional information regarding each academic department please navigate to our Departments pages.

Available Courses 6

Group 1 - English

This is a literature course, offering exciting opportunities for all those students who are enthusiastic about reading and discussion. It is aimed not only at those students who wish to pursue literature or related studies at university but also at those students who simply wish to continue their literature studies beyond GCSE.

Group 2 - Modern Foreign Languages (Higher & Standard)

The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded students. It is therefore essential for all IB students to learn a language. At Higher level students will develop the necessary skills and intercultural understanding to be able to communicate with a high degree of competence. A range of texts are studied for both language learning and cultural awareness. Students are given many opportunities to acquire extensive knowledge of other countries and are encouraged to refer to it in their final examinations. French, German, and Spanish are available to students at both higher and standard level. For those new to languages (ab initio) Italian and Spanish are also available.

Group 3 - Individuals & Societies

Acquiring skills in any subject area at this level will equip students for Higher Education in a range of disciplines. Being able to think and express ideas clearly and coherently, and support those ideas with reasoned argument and evidence are assets welcome in all areas of education and employment. The College offers History, Geography, Philospohy and Psychology in this group.

Group 4 - Experimental Sciences

Group 4 includes the traditional science subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science.

Group 5 - Mathematics

This course caters for students with varied backgrounds and abilities. More specifically it is designed to build confidence and encourage an appreciation of mathematics in students who do not anticipate a need for complex mathematics in their future studies. It reinforces the work covered at GCSE and extends it into fresh areas including logic, finance and some calculus

Group 6 - The Arts or Electives

Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts are offered in this section.