GCSE Courses for 2020 Entry

Please use the links below to obtain details of our full range of GCSE courses. All course details are updated annually for the following academic year prior to our Open Evenings held in October.

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Available Courses 10

BTEC First Award in Principles of Applied Science

This course is for students who have not got a Level 2 science qualification and who wish to gain one in a year.


This is a single GCSE-equivalent course which will be studied as part the college wide one year Advanced Foundation Programme alongside a blend of other Level 2 and possibly Level 3 courses as well. The course develops a knowledge and understanding of Business but in a work related context.

Citizenship (GCSE)

This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world. Students will learn how to be effective, active citizens by understanding current issues related to life in modern Britain and researching local, national and international pressure groups, campaigns and charities. Students will have opportunities to promote causes of their choice.

English Language (GCSE)

This course is for every College student who does not have grade 4 (or C) or above in English or English Language at GCSE.  The main aims of this intensive, two and a half term course are to improve your grade and your standard of English in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.

English Literature (GCSE)

English Literature gives you the opportunity to study a wide range of poetry, fiction and drama. The main aims of the intensive two and a half term course are to provide opportunities to develop your enjoyment of English Literature, as well as developing the skills you will need to improve your grade.


An exciting and up to date course that investigates how we use modern technology to communicate with each other. The course gives students practical experience in collecting and presenting information using a wide range of modern software. We then investigate modern communication technologies and examine how they have become such an important part of our lives.

Italian (GCSE)

This is an accelerated GCSE course, 6 periods per week for one year. 

Mathematics (GCSE)

GCSE Mathematics is an essential qualification required for many careers, some higher education courses and some A Level courses at college.  Students are provided with an opportunity to improve their GCSE grade and acquire very useful skills for everyday life. 

Media Studies (GCSE)

The Media are important in all our lives.  We watch films and television, play video games, use websites and online video sites, read magazines and newspapers, listen to the radio, and are surrounded by adverts.  The aim of this course is to take a closer look at the media and develop a critical understanding of how they work, who controls them, and how they affect us. 

Spanish (GCSE)

This is an accelerated GCSE course, 6 periods per week for one year, teaching to AS in Year 2. This ‘ab-initio’ (without a previous background in the subject course) is suitable for students with a proven aptitude and interest in learning languages.  It is particularly appropriate for students who have already gained a 6 or above at GCSE level in a foreign language, or who have a strong alternative background in foreign language-learning.