Please use the links below to obtain details of our full range of A Level courses. All course details are updated annually for the following academic year prior to our Open Evenings held in October.

All of the courses detailed below are offered at A Level - except where identified as a ‘Certificate’ in the course title – in which case the qualification is offered as an Applied General Certificate (AS Level equivalent), with Extended Certificate in Year 2 (A Level equivalent) and can form part of an overall package of A Level qualifications.

To view additional information regarding each academic department please navigate to our Departments pages.

Available Courses 53

Accounting (A Level)

Art (Fine Art) (A Level)

Art History (Critical & Contextual Studies) (A Level)

Biology (A Level)

Business (A Level)

Business (Applied) (Applied General Certificate/Extended Certificate)

Chemistry (A Level)

Classical Civilisation (A Level)

Computer Science (A Level)

Criminology (Applied Certificate/Diploma)

Dance (A Level)

Drama and Theatre (A Level)

Economics (A Level)

Electronics (A Level)

English Language (A Level)

English Language and Literature (A Level)

English Literature (A Level)

Environmental Science (A Level)

Film Studies (A Level)

Food Science & Nutrition (Applied General Certificate/Extended Certificate)

French (A Level)

Further Mathematics (AS/A Level)

Geography (A Level)

Geology (Earth Science) (A Level)

German (A Level)

Graphic Design (Graphic Communications) (A Level)

Health and Social Care (Applied General Certificate/Extended Certificate)

History (Ancient) (A Level)

History (Early Modern) (A Level)

History (Medieval & Warfare) A Level

History (Modern) (A Level)

Information Technology (Applied General Certificate/Extended Certificate)


Law (Applied) (Applied General Certificate/Extended Certificate)

Law (A Level)

Mathematics (A Level)

Media Studies (A Level)

Music (A Level)

Music Technology (A Level)

Performing Arts (Applied General Certificate/Extended Certificate)

Philosophy (A Level)

Photography (A Level)

Physics (A Level)

Politics (A Level)

Product Design (Resistant Materials) (A Level)

Psychology (A Level)

Religious Studies (A Level)

Sociology (A Level)

Spanish (A Level)

Sport (Applied) (BTEC Nationals Level 3 - RQF)

Sport & Physical Education (A Level)

Statistics (A Level)

Textiles (A Level)