Latest Corona Virus Announcements

The college has always sought to deliver a high quality educational experience for students, whilst working closely with national government guidelines to prioritise the safety of staff and students. Updates and announcements regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will be posted below. 



As with all our other aspects of our work, we have made adjustments to our plans in the context of government guidelines regarding the difficulties everyone continues to face with the Covid-19 pandemic; for this reason there will be less emphasis upon large, seated presentations and visitors will be able to move around the site, deciding to visit particular departments wherever they are comfortable to do so..

 We would be grateful if all visitors would observe the following guidance;


  • Please ensure that you take a lateral flow test before you visit
  • Do not enter the site if you are feeling at all unwell
  • Please wear a mask (spare masks are available from reception) and use the hand sanitiser provided
  • If possible, please restrict visitor group sizes by arranging for other family members (eg brothers and sisters) to stay at home
  • Please do not feel the need to arrive at exactly 6.15. The site is open until 9.15 
  • Please observe social distancing and move on to other areas if one is full 
  • We’d be grateful if all visitors could pay careful attention to guidance from staff as they work to keep guests moving around the site comfortably; they may, for example, direct visitors to an alternative subject area if one particular area is full

 We hope that the open evening provides you with a good opportunity to view our site and facilities and meet some of our staff and students. Please do also be aware that a huge range of extra material can be found online at, including videos made by staff and by students for each subject area. You can also gain a good overview of wider college life by searching for ‘colchsfc’ on Instagram

 Thank you for your support . We hope that you have a pleasant evening

Arrangements for September 2021 :

As everyone will be aware, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has required all schools and colleges to put in place a range of special arrangements over the past 18 months.

We are pleased to see that many aspects of the national picture look far more positive, but nevertheless, we anticipate having to give careful consideration to such matters for some time to come. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, future arrangements can be difficult to predict with certainty; we will therefore keep a very careful eye upon government guidance as it emerges over the coming weeks.

The timetable

We are pleased to announce that, in line with the latest government guidance, we are returning to our “normal” timetable for the beginning of this academic year. 

Students can expect 4 sessions per block, each 1 hour 10 minutes long. They will see your personal tutor every day, with an in person tutorial session on Thursdays. Students will be in College every day, with students spending more time in College than last year, with more opportunity to take part in additional studies and other activities.

Students will receive their personal timetable during the enrolment process - individual timetables are not available until this date so please save any queries until then


As part of government arrangements regarding NHS vaccination and testing, these were available on site for all students from 31st August - 10th September. We would urge all students to give clear consideration to NHS guidance in this area and take up the offer of a vaccination, which can be arranged via GPs. 


 Please continue to carry out lateral flow tests at home. Free tests can be picked up from the recaption area in both midsite and southsite

Covid mitigations

  • It is no longer compulsory to wear a mask in College, although you are of course welcome to continue to wear one if you choose to. Masks are recommended in crowded places.
  • Carry a mask with you, even if you choose not to wear it in College.  You might need it, for example, on public transport or to use a shop or service that still requires face coverings.
  • Respect the personal space of others.  Be aware that everyone will feel differently about the risk of Covid, due to a range of factors such as their own physical and mental health; whether they live with vulnerable people; whether they have been vaccinated etc.