The map presented here is for the benefit of students and visitors. It provides guidance to key locations around the College campus showing the relationship and position of the three main campus buildings.

From Sunday 13 October 2013, Essex County Council have re-instigated their ‘trial’ relating to traffic arrangements in central Colchester area – supported by a ‘Traffic Order’. From this date it will therefore not be possible for general traffic to proceed ‘up’ North Hill (from the North). The only ‘up’ access is for buses, taxis and emergency vehicles. All general traffic wishing to access or use North Hill, will therefore need to travel ‘down’ North Hill (from the South) from Head Street. This ECC ‘trial arrangement’ is scheduled to continue until at least September 2015.

1 South Site Building
Ground Floor: Rooms 002-018
Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music, Music Technology, Drama/Dance Studio, Refectory
Floor 1: Rooms 100-132
Library, Communication & Culture, Media Studies, Film Studies, Performance Studies, Drama, Physics, Accounts, Electronics, Design Technology, Graphics
Floor 2: Rooms 200-231
Law, Applied/Business Studies, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography, Chemistry, Food Technology, Textiles
Floor 3: Rooms 300-336
Art History, Photography, Art, Economics, Biology, Applied Science, Maths
2 Mid Site Building
Level 1
Roman Bath Restaurant
Level 2: Rooms 610-623
History, Politics, Classical Civilisation, Archaeology, Sports & PE
Level 3: Rooms 630-647
Reception, Sociology, Health and Social Care, English
Level 4: Rooms 650-658
German, Italian, French, Spanish
3 Mid Site Building - Multi Purpose Hall
4 North Site Building
Rooms 700-708
I.C.T. Computing, Key Skills I.C.T.
5 Cock and Pye Building
Rooms 501-505
6 Performance Studio
Rooms 516-517
7 Astro Turf All Weather Pitch
8 The Languages Centre
9 Learning Support
10 The Syd Kent Pavilion