Everything you need to know about applying:


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Obtain a copy of the Prospectus

A digital version of our Prospectus is available for immediate download or request a printed copy.

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Open Evenings

Mid October (Not able to offer in October 2020 due to COVID pandemic)

This is an opportunity to visit the College, meet our staff and students, view our facilities, pick up a new Prospectus and find out more about the courses that we offer. (For 2020/21 we will need to modify or delay our arrangements - please see our 'Announcements' box on the homepage for details as they emerge).

Open Evenings


Decide on programme of study

The College offers two programmes of study:

  • A Levels
  • Advanced Foundation Programme (GCSE+)

Students who did not do GCSE Art and Design, Textiles or Graphics have the opportunity to do A Level Art if they have the relevant skills. You will need to contact the Admissions Team after your interview, who will email you an assessment task.

In addition to the above the College also provides a number of Additional Studies courses.

Courses | Academic Departments and Student Services


Complete on-line application

Applications are made online via the College website. Please do not rush, as it is important that you make the appropriate choice of programme and subjects. Applications for 2021 Entry have now closed. In a small number of individual cases late applications, due to extenuating circumstances, are accepted. Please contact the College Admissions Office if you wish to discuss the matter further.

When applications are Open, you will find the Apply Now link on the Home Page in the Applications section, or in the Latest Announcements section 'Online Applications Now Open' and then you will be able to click on the 'Submit Application' link. 

Carefully complete the various sections on the form, giving as much detail as you can. You should apply for just one of the two programmes of study (i.e. A Levels or Advanced Foundation Programme). If you are unsure which to apply for, please do not be concerned, as if your choice later proves unsuitable, this can be changed as part of our interview process.

When you have applied, if you realise that you have made a mistake please DO NOT submit a second application as this can cause confusion. You should telephone the Admissions Office and explain the changes that you wish to make.


Keep in touch

Please do keep in touch and let us know if there are any factors that change in relation to your application, such as change in your address or examination entries or if there are significant health or other issues which affect your examinations. admissions@colchsfc.ac.uk


Interview events

The majority of interviews take place between November and March.

Please email your personal statement to admissions@colchsfc.ac.uk prior to your interview.

The personal statement should outline your main achievements both in and out of school and your current career plans including any university course ideas.

Personal Statement Guidelines


In area applicants

Offer/Acceptance letter issued at interview
First Priority Applicants are all those who live within the Priority Admission Area of the College irrespective of which school they attend and those who attend College partner or link schools. They are likely to be offered places, following interview, provided that we offer an appropriate course for which the student expects to be qualified.

Out of area applicants

If you live outside the Priority Admission Area of the College and do not attend one of the first priority schools – any offer of a place will be posted to you by Mid-March. Please note the College expects to be oversubscribed in this category.



  Late June

All successful applicants will be invited to an induction day at college, after exams end in June. The dates of the induction days are given in the letter that successful applicants received offering their place of study.

The aims of induction are as follows:

  • To provide students with an exciting introduction to the College and its provision.
  • To introduce students to their Personal Tutor, to other members of the tutor group, to relevant subject staff and senior staff.
  • To give students a more detailed, personal introduction to the academic courses open to them and to record any changes of course.
  • To provide up-dated information relating to the Curriculum.
  • To introduce students to the range and variety of Additional Studies courses and wider College activities.
  • To inform students regarding student assistance fund. Concessionary bus and train passes.
  • To confirm the arrangements for Enrolment in early September.
  • To give students an awareness of our expectations of them.
  • To help the College predict the likely number of enrolments in early September.


Late August/ Early September

The dates of the enrolment days are given in the letter that successful applicants received offering their place of study.